Without Johnny Depp you do not have a Pirates of the Caribbean film

Without Johnny Depp you do not have a Pirates of the Caribbean film

Margot Robbie and the fantabulous female pirates [LINK].

I love the Pirates of the Caribbean films, only because Johnny Depp is in them. You take Johnny Depp out, and to be honest, I have no interest. It does not matter if the story sucks, it is worth watching for just seeing the Captain Jack Sparrow be crazy.

I am going to state this now. Any Pirates of the Caribbean film without Johnny Depp will flop, and one suspects that they will stop shooting these films.

The trouble with TV and film companies today is they seem to have long forgotten they are entertainers, and people want to be taken away from the real world for a moment, and not be fed some political ideological film, where we are told about female empowerment or whatever.

It is why Ghostbusters (2016 film) failed. It was not because it was all female. It was because they forgot to make the film fun and entertaining, and were more concerned about ticking boxes. If you just want to tick boxes and not entertain people, that is fine, but do not expect people to pay for such films.

We used to have people who understood the entertainment industry, and we were given shows such as The Avengers (TV series 1961). Today such shows would be unlikely to be made as they scripts would be watered down to make sure they offended no one. Actors would be added on the basis of filing a quota. The result is often now on such as the BBC bland uninteresting shows, that get very few views. And each year, the aim seems to be to produce something more bland than was produced the year before, as the year before will now be seen as racist and sexist and offensive.

A few years ago, I heard one belief that people are moving away from TV and films to computer games as this seemed to be the only untouched area where political correctness had not yet polluted. Indeed even in porn, we seem to now have many companies try to be political correct and produce bland rubbish that is as sexy as watching a damp tea towel, and then wonder why sales in porn are going down.

Yet even in computer games, it is reported that people are having to agree they support black lives matter before playing some games [LINK].

As a YouTube chap stated on one of his vids (Tim Pool), that he is into politics, but when he watches sport, he does not want to listen to politics but get away from politics. In other words, people want entertainment to get away from politics. No one gives a rats ass if a games firm, food company, sports brand, and so on, backs this or that group. They just want to be entertained and not lectured.

One thing I will predict is, those who make TV and films who turn away from PC culture and do not care if what they produce offends people, will in the long run, make the most money. One even suspects what we will see is TV and film firms making films that offend people on purpose, knowing it will get them free publicity and the result being lots of people watching the TV and films.

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