Will the Corona virus hype costs far more lives?

In reference to this post [LINK].

It is as if we are all going to die if we get this Corona virus. Most people will get it and be fine.

The ones who are at most risk, are the elderly, but the elderly die each year from the flu.

Governments world wide have shut there countries down almost completely. One wonders if this is simply down to public pressure.

Will this prevent the elderly getting this virus? Probably not.

But what is has done is stuffed the economy. The result, even if it is held back for a few months with government grants, will probably mass unemployment.

From this over the next few years, we will then probably see a huge increase in suicides as people will have lost everything.

Those who become unemployed may experience depression, and this will lead to ill health and early death.

In the short term, hospital appointments and operations are cancelled. From this we may see people dying as they may miss out on needed operations.

If for instance you may have symptoms of cancer, will you be seen now by a doctor?

Yet, once this virus scare passes, once no one is getting the virus, we will be left in a bleak world for many years. An economy crashed.

What work will there be in a years time?

Will money itself have any value?

If the money in your pocket becomes no value, will anybody bother to go out and work.

The question will be, would it have been better to simply let this virus spread quick, and have a month of sickness, when afterwords, life carries on, and yes people will die, but most will not. Or do this pretend shutdown, and simply drag things out for many months, where we may end up with just as many dying from it, but this method means a complete disaster in the economy, and in turn, people suffering for years to come.