‘Your High Street is back open for business’ [LINK]

Most people I know hate standing outside supermarkets for ages to go in for food.

But because you have to eat, will put up with it.

However, I cannot see many will want to stand outside a shop, when they only allow a few in at a time. Personally if I was told to stand outside, I would walk away.

I have a feeling, many shops will look the other way and allow as many people in, as they want.

Many who demand customers stay outside will loose customers.

I suspect we will see many shops fail in the next few months, will online sales becoming the norm.

In truth, even those stores that did line people up a few weeks ago, clearly some no longer do. Indeed one manager told me that they have increased sales as people go directly in, rather than have to stand in line for ages at the supermarket up the road.

Any shop who thinks people will stand outside even for a few minutes to buy non essential items, is living in ls la land.