Why the black community should think twice about supporting black lives matter

Today many businesses and celebrities and politicians, not to mention the middle class, left wing people who want to be seen at all times to be correct in everything they do, are jumping on the black lives matter, as they have with gay pride events and any other campaigns that come along. Most with no interest except to be virtue signaling. We see through the shallowness of these ways.

But at the same time most of us will support such as gay pride events.

Today gay pride is, a day of fun. No one cares if those who go are gay or not. Most people do not care if someone is gay or not. We still have a few who for some reason have a problem with gay people (often as they believe there religion says being gay is wrong), but no one expects a day of fun to change anyone minds.

It is little wonder that those who jump onto any bandwagon, have jumped up on the black lives matter. Most will simply see black lives matter as another pride event. Repeating what they do normally and go into auto mode.

Black lives matter may have stated off with good intentions, but what it has become today, is not something that will help black lives, but do harm that no KKK or BNP group could ever do for the black community.

The message to those who go to these black lives matter events/protests, seems to be that these protests will change the world. It will stop racist behavior. It will make lives better for the black community.

But we see a dark side (no pun intended) to black lives matter. They seem to have a left wing agenda, one of self destruction. One that seeks to end police forces. One that seems to want prisons shut.

How does this help the black community?

Within a few days in one part of the USA, the black lives matter have created a micro country. This is there vision of heaven. Take a look, it is just a few streets of mess, vandalism, spray paint all over. Is this what you want from life.

It seems a long way from this dream you were sold to be part of black lives matter.

A few months ago, if any white person had suggested we put all the black people into a city, and remove the police and everything else and let them live in the worst conditions going, they correctly would be condemned. Yet, these people are voluntary living in this hell zone.

But who is running the black lives matter?

From what I have seen, it seems to be white middle class left wing politicians who are saying, go on, pull the statues down. They seem to be hoping it will get them votes.

We also see white middle class left wing youths who are loving the situation, as they hope this is a way to bring in new left wing governments.

The more I watch the events, the more I see white people controlling the black community. It seems to be that those who go on black lives matter protests are doing no more than being puppets to white folk.

But will things improve for the black community from these protests/riots?

Well I fail to see how those who end up with criminal records are going to have a better life when they find getting a job harder.

As I have said in other posts, these riots have only increased anger and division.

Pulling statues down, getting TV shows and films banned, have simply angered many.

Many who would normally have no care if someone was black or white, have suddenly been angered.

I stood in a line yesterday for the supermarket. In front of me a couple, were talking. One said to the other, “They should go back to where they came from”. I am over 40, and this was the first time I have heard this said in public. Others in the line were saying “Who the hell gives them the right to pull our statues down”.

The last few days all I have seen on twitter is anger and hatred to the black lives matter riots. Up to now, I have never seen, anyone post hatred like this.

Those politicians who have given support and even worse, done the kneel thing, will (one suspects) find they loose votes in the next election. While they may have presumed this latest virtue is something that will gain them votes, what will find out is that they are not on the side of the public. Indeed, this (I suspect) will have given Trump another term in office (and I am no Trump supporter). As well as get Labour fewer votes in the next UK election.

It will be interesting if this affects sales as many business have put there name to backing black lives matter. Such as Yorkshire Tea. One wonders if supporting a group that openly wants to end police, and being a group who is seen to be smashing up buildings. But then the response from Yorkshire Tea is then telling people not to buy there tea for simply saying, at least Yorkshire Tea has not so far backed the black lives matter. Will be in the long run a rather foolish business strategy.

But the black community may find things far worse for them in many ways, because of the riots.

Where once opportunists stood, these will be removed. For example, where businesses would openly give black people jobs because they were black, these firms may find doing so now, they will be criticized.

Where TV stations may have put black people on, because they were black and in order to fill a quota, they will not find doing so will simply get them anger from the public.

Where in the UK Labour were putting up people to be elected in safe seats because they were black and not because of who they were, this too may stop, as people will now condone this being done.

But then again, perhaps this is a good thing. Perhaps removing these black privileges, that many believed were wrong, and simply gave the impression that black people were not as good and so always needed a hand up, may be a positive step, towards real equality.

But sadly I now fear, we will see over the next few days if not weeks, hatred and division from these riots, where there was none. Created by these black lives matter protests/riots.

And as I have said, the KKK and BNP and so on, could never have achieved this disaster for the black community as the black lives matter has achieved. And yet, they keep on doing these protests, as if they want things even worse.

‘You’ll have to knock me down first!’ [LINK]

When you have nice old ladies having to defend statues, you have turned the country against you.

By the way, because of the BBC seemed to be more interested in not giving thugs a bad name, than to report the news [LINK], not to mention removing loved TV shows, as it must believe those who watch are racist, I am going to predict the BBC licence will be gone in two years or less time. I know a lot of people are now looking to cancel there licence.

So if you are in the black community, I would question what you think these protests will achieve.

A few miles away, someone has sprayed B L M on a building. People have been saying it is disgusting. I have not yet heard a single person say that these BLM protests are great and they welcome them, and they want to go support them.

In truth, many who seem to be attracted to these protests are not people (regardless if they are black or white) who give a rats ass about black lives, or any life. They just seem to want to go out and damage buildings. And yes, I am probably wrong, and people will say, but I care, and I went. But guess what, the view I am getting from Twitter is that this is just about thug behavior. In other words, these protests are doing no more than to present the black community in the worst way it could.

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