The free market is the closest thing to how nature works. Some may define the free market as capitalism.

The idea of the free market is that the market decides how things will develop, and no one has any real power or say how things will go.

In today’s world we see the market demand goods to be green, and as such firms are moving quickly to provide green goods.

While governments may have set some pointless year when they want car firms to only be selling electric cars, because people want electric cars, they exist now, and we will see firms very soon no longer producing petrel or diesel cars, as demand will fall.

The belief that socialism or communism would be green is nonsense.

In reality, we would expect to see under any socialist/communist system a full denial that there are any environmental problems.

We see those who follow socialism, will cover up bad news with ease in order to pretend the system is working. In the UK we found this lead to the Asian grooming gangs being covered up.

Only a year or two ago I found an employee of the UK local government was using the database he had access to, in order to look up peoples information (including mine). I sent many letters and emails, and had no reply from the managers. In the end I contacted the police. He was sacked, although what he did was criminal he was not charged. I was not ever contacted, but was informed that he was sacked because someone told me that knew him.

In the USSR it is believed that people knew there was problems with the nuclear power stations, but everybody covered this up and all reports stated things were fine. The result was Chernobyl.

In the last few months we have had some talk that the Coronavirus was at first covered up in China.

The next problem is that unions would block a green movement. For instance, a union that has coal minors as its members would be unlikely to see coal mines close, and would demand that both coal mines stay open and to use coal power stations.

The free market by its own nature will result in the most efficient, and low cost, and most reliable electric cars.

In a socialist/communist system, you would more likely end up with expensive electric cars (if they were to ever be built under such systems), with little choice, and little research and development done on them.

During the time when British Leyland was in the public hands, the cars had a reputation for being badly built. They came across as being inefficiently built. They seemed to have very little research and development or technology involved in production.