Why Shemima Begum should be allowed back in the UK

It may shock people who read my blog to be posting something that sounds very left wing, but I do think Shemima Begum should be allowed back.

Shamima Begum: IS bride’s British citizenship ‘should be restored’, lawyer tells court appeal [LINK]

It is for the simple reason, we are better than IS.

I understand the hate and anger for her, and I admit, if this was a male, I probably would not feel the same.

But in some ways bringing her back is a victory over IS. It shows we are better than IS. It shows there ideology is wrong.

If we bring her back, one hopes it puts other girls off going.

And to be honest, she looks like she has gone through hell. She no longer looks like the happy confident girl who we had seen on the news days before she went. But what we see now is a girl who looks dead in the eyes, her life gone.

Sure, we can leave her to die, but we are better than that.

You could say she could be a risk to the UK, but considering she will be watched for probably the rest of her life, it will be unlikely. To be honest, she does not look like she has any emotion to do any harm.

It may have been the case she was raped too.

And as I say, I am a hypocrite, if this had been a chap, I do not think I would be defending him.

To be honest, I am not sure she will have much of a life in the UK, but I just feel it is the right thing to to. And yes, I can understand the hate for her. But then again, are we blaming her for the behavior of others?

And I do suspect most people will disagree with me on this topic. But I am being honest, and this is how I feel.

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