Why people are making money with Chaturbate

If you have not seen Chaturbate, check out DVBabes.com as this is a Chaturbate WL Site (white label). Basically Chaturbate without the banner adverts.

Over the years I have worked with models to help them get onto this great webcam system.

So I thought I would share with you good folks.

The good thing about webcam, is that you DO NOT need to be 18, year old female with huge boobs to do this. I say this as I have know people put off thinking they do not have the correct ‘look’. In truth male, female, non binary and so on, of any age (as long as you are over 18), of any body size, can do webcam and make money.

The key to making it work is putting the time and effort in. Those who do well, often do so, because they do regular shows. Those who make no money, often do so because they have put no effort in at all. In fact it is like any business, in that regards. Of course those who do not do well, will have many excuses.

Now before I start, I need you to understand that these shows are free and people can record them and upload to porn tube sites and other such sites. So if being seen by thousands of people is going to create problems, it is probably best you do not webcam. That said some people wear masks, while others point the camera in such a way you never see the models face.

Now to do this you need to be at least 18. However some countries may have a different law where you may need to be say 21.

The first thing you need to do is sign up [Sign Up Page].

As you can see, it is simple to fill in.

Make sure you read the rules. This is important as some models break the rules because they did not read them, and have lost the account.

Now you may think that the webcam built into your laptop is good enough. Often the quality is not great. I would always recommend you invest in a decent webcam. This often will give you better results, plus the huge advantage is that you can move the webcam about.

A friend of mine purchased a USB extender lead. And this meant she could place her webcam on a camera stand, and broadcast like a TV studio.

Another thing to consider is lighting. Even a few cheap lights from your DIY store can make a big difference.

Now before you broadcast, my advice is watch what others do and get some tips.

What works for others may or may not work for you.

As I write this, I believe  Chaturbate lets you link to your twitter site. If you have not a twitter account, set one up. The reason this is important is that you build up a fan base via twitter, and you can tell people when you are next going to be online. This method will mean you should very quickly build up a lot of followers/fans.

Now I stated at the start of this post, some people may record your shows. My advice is place a big sign up behind you with such as your twitter address on. So if the worst happens, and your show is recorded, at least it will promote/advertise your twitter account and so get you more followers/fans.