Why Labour Lost – Part 3 – Boris Johnson and the Burqa

Why Labour Lost – Part 3 – Boris Johnson and the Burqa

One reason people rejected Labour was they could see through the consent false propaganda they fed us over and over.

One of these was that Boris Johnson was called raciest for saying something on the lines of, the Burqa looks like a letter box.

In truth (as I presume every Labour MP and Labour supporter knew who kept telling us it was a racist comment), was that this was from an article called “Denmark has got it wrong. Yes, the burqa is oppressive and ridiculous – but that’s still no reason to ban it”, in which he defends women to wear the outfit.

In Denmark and many other countries, it is banned.

Rather than to condone Boris Johnson, one would have thought he would have been given praise.

He was being honest, in saying while he defends peoples rights to wear it, it looks rather like a letter box to him. Most people I would suggest think the Burqa looks foolish. It makes many uncomfortable as one cannot see someones face.

It is not racist to state that an item of clothing looks silly.

The Burqa is not a Muslim item of clothing.

Face veiling has not been regarded as a religious requirement by most Islamic scholars, past or present.

However, even if the Burqa was a religious item of clothing, people still should be free to mock it. In the same way as Bill Hicks (William Melvin Hicks) mocked the cross Christians wore). In the same way many comedians make fun of nuns, such as Dave Allen would do.

In many countries where the law insists women wear the Burqa we find many rejecting this item of clothing.

While it is claimed the Burqa is worn for modesty, we also know it has become a fetish, and many see it as a sexy item, this defeating the object of making a person be of modest appearance. Indeed I know a few women who wear it because they wear nothing under it and it is a turn on to be naked in public with only a Burqa covering them.

I also believe you should be free to wear what you want. Even if what you wear offends people. And yes, that includes paining your face black. In the same way I belive you have the right to free speech, even if it offends.

As for the statement that the article written has meant Muslim women have had people call them letter boxes or tried to post letters in them. Presuming these stories are true, are we really saying that these spotty thugs read the telegraph? It would be unlikely they would read anything, nor mind the telegraph.

So the only way these spotty thugs could have come across the ‘letter box’ comment, must (one presumes) from the consent re publication (or re-tweets) on twitter by the left wing, trying to suggest Boris Johnson is racist. Or by the consent left wing comedians, who will often keep going on TV and radio repeating these comments. It is these people who have ensured the letter box comment is heard by as many people as possible, as such the only ones who have spread this ‘hate’ is the left wing Labour supporters.

And when I say spreading the ‘hate’, I mean, by spreading the text out of content, they have fed rather thick people bullets to fire.

In deed over the last few weeks, we have been fed over and over, Labour plants, in order to trick us into believing things were worse than they were.

If Boris Johnson went to a hospital for instance, we would see someone have a go at Boris Johnson, only later to discover this person was a Labour supporter, and often we find out planted there by being told to urn up via such as WhatsApp.

In the end, people simply believed Labour were not telling the truth, so even if they were they were not to be believed.

One example was the photograph of the boy in a hospital in Leeds. I have no idea if it was fake or not, but in truth I presumed it was just set up (as many reported it had been).

In the end, Labour seemed not to be honest.

And even today after the election we see Labour MP’s fighting each other and saying each other is telling lies.

So for these reasons, I have put this as a reason Labour lost the election.