Why Labour Lost – Part 2 – Only the middle class left want socialism (the working class do not want it)

Why Labour Lost – Part 2 – Only the middle class left want socialism

(the working class do not want it)

One simple reason why Labour lost is that ONLY a small minority of middle class want socialism.

Often these middle class presume that working class people want socialism. But you cannot blame them, as most will never mix or speak with the working class, but simply presume what the working class want.

I am very amused that George Galloway looks to have set up yet another political party. The WorkersPartyGB. I suspect 99.99% of the members will be middle class, who believe they know best what the working class folk want.

I had a reply on twitter when I stated the middle class left look down on the working class.

“I don’t & arguably I would say most other Corbyn supporters don’t, we genuinely wanted to help people ….”

I think she proved my point that the left feel that they have a duty to save the working class. As the working class are too stupid to do things for themselves, or indeed may not make the correct choices.

In the same way, the working class do not want socialism, they also do not want, and have never asked to be saved by these people.

It is as patronizing as if a lot of white people set up a group to speak for black people.

And yet, even today we see the stunned looks on the faces of Labour MP’s and Labour supporters, who cannot understand why the working class rejected them. They are on twitter saying, we came to save the working class, why have they not voted for us, are they stupid, did they not know they need us to save them and think for them, surely they must understand they are far too stupid to think for themselves.

Unlike 40 years or so ago, people change jobs.

In the past, if you went to work for a firm, chances are it would be for life.

Often you were heavily trained, and management were not that great. So unions had some importance, as it was easy to abuse staff, as let’s face it, in many cases they could not change occupations.

Today, most people will change jobs and occupations.

If they find pay and conditions suck, they no longer need go on strike. They simply go work for someone else.

So if a supermarket trains staff up but pays them badly, all the staff do is move to a different firm who pays them better. So if people move from firm a to firm b, firm a will go bust and firm b does well.

The old days of needing unions to pull people out on strike are long gone.

Indeed, often many workers in the past did not want to strike, but were bullied into striking.

Notice how bullying by the left has been something that we have seen for years.

So for most working class, socialism, is not something they want, but many (like myself) fear it.

And we also know union bosses often earn vast fortunes. We also know if they cared about workers (as they claim) they would reduce there vast wage in order for hard working union members to keep more of their pay, rather than giving it to these union fat cats.

Frances O’Grady is reported to earn £175,000.