Why Labour Lost – Part 1 – The left looked down on the working class

Why Labour Lost – Part 1 – The left looked down on the working class

Before I start, I am not a Conservative. If I did vote, it would be for the Green party.

I am also what one refers as a remain person. However, I now believe if we do not leave, it will do more harm, because people will not trust the government again. The way I see it, one of two things will happen. (1) Things go well, and that is good. (2) Things go bad, and we end up voting to go back in the EU.

I shall cover the many reasons Labour lost.

In this part (1), I shall show how the left looked down on the working class, and thought they were a project to be saved, and how they believe the working class are stupid and racists.

Perhaps I should have said, still look down upon the working class.

The aim of this, is to show how the left (especially the Labour party and Labour supporters) alienated the rest of the UK population, to the point, many simply could not bring themselves to vote Labour.

Labour and its supporters are mainly middle class left wing people who talk in an echo chamber to each other. It is important to note this, as this is the main problem with Labour.

Jeremy Corbyn, himself is said to be worth some say 3 to 4 million pounds, and is apparently richer than Boris Johnson. He is reported to have gone to a private school, married an ex banker almost half his age. Yet the image the Labour PR machine gave us was that he was an average chap, rather than a very well off chap.

1. The left view the working class as racist and stupid

For many years now the left simply seen the working class as stupid and racist. We know this from the tweets for example:

Lily Allen apparently stated the Conservatives won due to “racism”.

Steve Coogan suggests those who vote Steve Coogan suggests those who vote Conservative are ‘ignorant and ill-informed’ on Channel 4 News.

It is worth noting that while I am not a Conservative, my granddad was when he was alive. One wonders how many people were offended by hearing this by the comedian Steve Coogan.

It is most odd that pop people and comedians seem to think that there importance is so great that they will have the power to influence people in who to vote for.

The examples I have given are the obvious proof that the left view the working class as stupid and racists.

However, there are deeper ways the Left sneer and have no belief in the working class.

Have you noticed how the left go on demonstrations where someone who they do not agree with is speaking or demonstrating.

Why do you think they go?

Let’s take a recent case. A year or so ago in an election Tommy Robinson went around as he was standing for election. Now I am not a fan of his. However I believe in free speech, and as such I will defend his right to speak, as I would for anyone.

He would go to places, and speak to people direct. At each event he went to, so did a few anti something protesters. These people were middle class, mainly white, left wing. The interesting thing was, they would stand together and did not talk to the people who went to listen to Tommy Robinson. Indeed, they felt so important, that they felt that simply being there, would influence people. They were (one presumes) far too important to talk to the working class, and indeed, the working class should be grateful to see these people.

One concluded, that the reason Tommy Robinson had been effective, was simply he talked and listened to the people. While these smug, know it all, left wingers, felt talking to the working class, beneath them.

At the election Tommy Robinson gained I believe 40k of votes. For an independent, this was impressive.

After the election I had a look at the twitter page of this ant whatever group. They posted how they had prevented Tommy Robinson from winning. They were so self centered that they believed they themselves had influenced the voters.

In truth, the voters could think for themselves, and I am 100% sure these anti whatever people had no impact in the way people voted.

Unlike the left wing middle class people, I believe in the people of the UK. I do not believe the UK is racist. I do not believe the working class are racist. I do not believe people will turn racist if they hear someone speak or see a group such as the National front do a demonstration in a town. But the left do not believe in the working class. They see them as stupid. They believe that they will be corrupted by such as the Nation front. They feel they need to stop people hearing other viewpoints. They believe they have the right to censor people.

When you see anti this or anti that demonstrators, at a demonstration or whatever by people who may e rather unpleasant. They are not fighting fascism. If they were, they would not go as it simply gets whatever group they are going up against publicity in the news. No, they go because they are so up themselves, they believe that they will influence us stupid people.

If these left wing people believed in the good people of the UK, they would not go on such demonstrations. They would say, let these minority groups speak about whatever vile raciest things they wish, as we know the good people of the UK are intelligence and will not be influence. But no, they have no trust or faith in the working class. So they go demonstrating against these groups, as they believe that they are so important, that they will influence others.

2. The left view the working class as a project to be saved

For the last few years, all I have heard is middle class (mainly white) left wing Labour MP’s and Labour supporters, go on TV and tell us how they will help the poor. It is there mission to go out and improve the lives of the working class, as they know what the working class want and need.

At the same time, no one seems to bother to ask the working class what they want or need.

If any working class person dares to even say anything (especially if it is anything against Labour) , they are shut down, and called stupid or a racist.

Having listened to Left wing Labour MP’s, I have concluded that I must want to travel on a bus all the time, live in a council flat.

Apparently too, we are all poor, going to food banks.

By the way, I once took a friend to a food bank, and noticed how most of those who came out, would light up a cigarette, then jump in there brand new car. Oh course, anyone on the left will claim I am telling fibs as it will not fit into their agenda.

3a. The left thought we would comply with a policy of hate and jealousy

Those in Labour presumed that the UK was full of people who would hate and be jealous of others.

Rather than being a party of helping and caring for all, they decided to market themselves as a party for some, but not others.

Labour clearly presumed they could win people over by blaming everything on the rich. The idea that presumably we would hate someone because of there circumstances. The idea that Labor must have thought so little of the good people of the UK that they thought they could turn us into jealous people and would vote Labour simply to take from the rich, the rewards they have earned.

But as I have said already, the good people of the UK are not people of hate. Nor of jealousy. These good people time after time said they were happy that they had made there money.

How little Labour MP’s and Labour supporters thought of the good people on the UK to think we would be of hate and vote Labour.

3b. The left thought we would comply with a policy of hate and jealousy

Labour and Labour supporters also presumed that the people of the UK could be made to hate people for being posh.

Over and over, they would tell us that Boris Johnson was posh and that we should not vote for him, simply because he was posh and went to a great university.

Again, those in Labour simply thought so little of the people of the UK, that they did not realise that the good people of the UK are not prejudice, and they clearly rejected prejudice.

Labours tactic of trying to turn the good people of the UK against each other in some sort of class hate, did not work.

4. Labour MP’s and supporters are mainly white middle class

One huge problem is that Labour MP’s and supporters are mainly white middle class.

Many seem to live in echo chambers and simply talk to others with the exact same views.

Over the last few years I have tried to talk to many of these supporters on such as twitter, but unless you say that they are wonderful and you believe in what they are doing, they have no interest in you. Indeed you end up with abuse after abuse.

The one thing you notice time after time with Labour supporters, is how vile and full of hate and anger they are. Yet at the same time they live in this self belief status that they are in fact the nice ones. They seem to see themselves as they are so correct, that they are justified in being abusive towards others. They seem to think, the more they are abusive, the more they will win people to Labour.

5. Jeremy Corbyn never came across as being nice in interviews

I have watched many interviews with Jeremy Corbyn, and to me, he came across as not being that nice.

Most of the time, he would talk to the reporter as if the reporter was an inconvenience.

He would seem to get angry, and not wish to be asked questions, but to simply say his left wing propaganda about how he planned to spend Billions, and how dare you question how it will be paid, and how dare you suggest it will not work.

6. Jeremy Corbyn supporters must think we are stupid

This is an example.

In this vid, George Monbiot (at around 4 mins) that (after showing pics of several Conservative MP’s) they “Look like psychopaths”. At the same time showing a clip from a horror film where one chap is murdering another.

So we have Labour supporters, thinking we are so stupid, that we will presume that Conservative MP’s go around murdering people.

By the way, just to conclude, I suspect that Labour MP’s and followers will simply believe that they need not change, and that in the next election people will want to go with them as Brexit may be out of the way, and they may have a new left wing leader, while in the meantime they will self explode blaming each other for why they lost. In truth I believe Labour is finished. It sounds like they wish to carry on regardless to the next election. Labour I suspect are now irrelevant, filled with self important people, who will carry on believing that someday they will be in government.