Why is the BBC claiming the Louise Hampton vid was a ‘conspiracy video’?

BBC: Coronavirus: Health worker investigated by employer after posting conspiracy video

A worker at a major NHS provider is under investigation by her employer for posting a video on social media in which she claimed that Covid-19 does not exist.

Unless she posted another film, she claims that she was doing no work/taking calls and got the certificate for nothing.

One wonders what she has done wrong to be investigated.

If she was sent a certificate then that claim would not be a lie.

If she had no calls or very few, one presumes that claim would not be a lie.

One wonders why such as the BBC is seeming to try to make people look bad for making points This is the type of thing you would expect in some communist system where the media is used to control peoples thoughts.

I did not hear her once claim Covid-19 does not exist. She states clearly Covid-19 is b*llocks. Saying something is b*llocks is not the same as something does not exist. I claim most of the TV shows the BBC puts out these days is b*llocks, that does not mean they do not exist but they are rather poor.

The BBC article ends with ‘Have you seen conspiracies circulating online? Email us.’ So if you speak out and do not comply with what the BBC propaganda machine tells you, it looks like they will claim you are spreading ‘conspiracy’ claims,and post your details on the BBC news website.

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