Why is it OK to post lies about the virus to create panic

On such as twitter, we see people posts lies and rubbish about the virus, in order to keep the lock down going.

I have had a few people smugly state to me, that I hope I do not get the virus, as if to say, if you get the virus you will die. I point out that if I get the virus (I probably had it months ago) I will be fine as with every other person under 70 with no health conditions. And I point out to them, that I hope they can live with the fact that children have already committed suicide as they could not cope with the lockdown, simply because you choose to live in fear.

Indeed, the death rate from the virus now seems far less than deaths from cars. So if those who want a lockdown are using cars or buses, are they not hypocrites as if we stopped uses cars and buses we would have no deaths on the roads.

Many seem to talk as if no one dies, and that the very few who have died from the virus, are the only deaths ever. On average 1500 die each day in the UK. Indeed people die from many things, such as bee stings. Yet up to now, we accept death as part of life.

One has come to the conclusion that those who want the lockdown want more and more children and adults to commit suicide as they cannot cope with the lockdown. Not to mention the many who will die as doctors are not seeing them and missing out on treatment.

I have seen posts from those pro lockdown (and who seem to be on the left) delight in seeing businesses they ‘feel’ should not exist go bust, meaning thousands of people becoming unemployed, and the result being many will loose homes, divorce, families splitting up, and an increase in suicide.

The more this virus nonsense goes on, the more it becomes clear that those who are pro lockdown are hoping this will result in deaths of many, while they feel smug and safe wearing non medical grade masks that may do no more than make a person look like a clown.

Is it not time to ask questions, such as:

  • Has the lockdown saved a single life or simply slowed the chance of you getting the virus by a matter of days?
  • Will more people die from the lockdown than will be saved (such as from suicide)?
  • Is the death now low as those who will die from the virus, now have died?

If you wish to live in fear, that is up to you. Spend your life wearing non medical grade masks that are unlikely to stop you breathing out or in any virus. But do not expect me to live in your fear.

It reminds me of the moron parents who bleach everything, then find there children are not exposed to anything and so become ill, with such as Asthma, yet like those who believe wearing non medical masks, will carry on thinking they are correct. One wonders how many of these children we see today being forced to wear masks will grow up living in fear and have mental health problems.

One wonders if a single persons life has been saved with the lockdown, as from what have seen, it seems to have got into most old peoples homes.

If you want me to wear a non medical grade mask as those who are pro masks seem to wear, please provide me a link to a university study that shows that they are 100% effective.

If your pro lockdown, then provide evidence a single persons life has been saved, and that it is worth all the people who have and will commit suicide, as well as the many deaths from not getting treatment.

Also, if your left wing, are you not a bit thick to want the lockdown, as the result of this looks to be the worst unemployment in years, the result will be less tax for such as the NHS. As the NHS will presumably get less funds and one expects peoples health to decrease with the lockdown, this will increase demands on the NHS, so presumably it could easily end the NHS as it will collapse due to high demands and a reduced budget.

Indeed, who’s lives are you wanting to save with the lockdown? As from what I can see, those who want the lockdowm, do not seem to care about others, and it is no more than to make themselves feel safe and to bully other people.

See also: https://www.jackhorny.com/is-it-not-time-to-ask-questions-about-coronavirus/

Also: The only ‘circuit break’ in the pandemic we need now is from the government’s doom-mongering scientific advisers who specialise in causing panic and little else, say PROF CARL HENEGHAN and DR TOM JEFFERSON

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