Why do those on the left want to see harm to Katie Hopkins?

I may not agree with everything Katie Hopkins says, but she makes many an interesting comment.

I find it odd that so many on the left wish her harm. It seems to be strange to have the belief that Katie Hopkins is evil, then say she should get cancer and have a slow death, as many left wing people seem to. It is rather strange to hear people claim they are kind and good who wish harm on someone else. And yet, from what I gather Katie Hopkins has not gone around saying others should die in pain.

As I type this, she has 309k of followers on Parler, so clearly rather popular. That has shot up in a few days.

Twitter is doing its best to make sure Parler works [LINK].

A few days ago, she made a point about food vouchers and was condemned by many for saying what she did.

But rather than engaging in debate, many (who seemed to be well off middle classes) started shouting on twitter at her saying how dare she.

But the question I would ask, is who had asked for the vouchers? I had not come across anyone who said they were so poor they needed them. The only ones who seemed to demand them was a football player and Labour MP’s.

Part of the problem is the left have pretended many are in poverty.

14.3 million people are in poverty in the UK [LINK].

In truth, the ‘poverty’ level is not what many think. The poverty level the left quote is for the median income (2014/15) in the UK was £473 per week (£24,596 a year). In theory, if you won 10 million on the lottery, and did not need to work ever again, you may even be in he poverty figures.

What we have is a middle class left wing, who enjoy having the working class on benefits as they view the working class as a ‘project’, who they can save.

To me Katie Hopkins is much kinder than these left wing middle class people as she wants those on benefits to be free of benefits so they can become independent and become who they want to be. It is not kindness to have people dependent on others for handouts, as the left wing, middle class seem to enjoy putting on the poor.

But why could the left wing not debate this as well as other ideas Katie Hopkins points out?

By the way, one suspects that within a few months, many politicians on the left will start using parler, otherwise they will have no engagement with people who may vote for them who are also on parler.

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