Who is responsible for child poverty in the UK?

In the UK we have politicians talk about child poverty.

But who is responsible for child poverty?

If parents have children, when they have no cash, nor work, is it not the parents fault for having children when they cannot afford them?

Yes, some people get pregnant by accident, and some will have jobs and later may end up unemployed. However, will this situation apply to all?

We are told people have rights. And that one right is to have children. But do people not have the right to be responsible, or the right to go out to work and pay for the children?

Some will claim they are physically unwell to work, but if you can have rumpy pumpy, you lose that argument. If you can do rumpy pumpy, you can work. We see some women with 5 or more children, and both the dad and mum claim that they cannot work, but at the same time they are physically capable of regular rumpy pumpy. It makes no sense logically.

If they cannot get a job, they can work for themselves. It seems that people seem to believe that if they cannot get a job then that is that. In truth one can work for themselves. Even if it is cleaning. But then, they will say such jobs are beneath them.

When it comes to food banks. Yes, because of incompetence of the system, where people have lost or temporary lost benefits, simply for being five mins late for a meeting (and let’s face it, if a single mother, in a flat, with no car, and a child in a pram, is going to struggle getting about), it will mean she needs a food bank. In truth it is incompetence of the system. However not everyone who uses food banks is doing so due to benefits problems. Some use them because they have got into debt with buying huge TV’s and so on.

A year ago, I took someone to a food bank (due to a blip in the benefits, she had no cash for a few weeks). I stood outside with my dog while she went in. The interesting thing was to see how many who came out of the food bank building, jumped into brand new cars and drove off. Many also pulled a cigaret out and started to smoke.

When I hear such as Labour politicians talk about the poor and how children are in poverty. One wonders if they bother to meet these families, or is it just stuff they tell each other.

Do they for instance go to some estates, where the whole street is not working, yet brand new cars parked outside. Parents sat watching huge TV’s, while there children play (if you call it play) outside smashing up whatever they find. Where elderly fear to go out because of the children.

The nice left wing, middle class Labour supporters, will pretend none of these estates exist. If they do admit to such places, they will present us with excuse after excuse for why people are like this.

As I walked home yesterday, I have a few teenagers, who were stood doing weed. Next to them were two dirt bikes they had used to race around a field, that children use to play on. Now all muddy. They had been on the roads too, even though the bikes had no number plate, insurance, tax , lights. Of course the police never seem to do anything. Indeed I often see such bikes on the roads.

This was less than a mile from where not so long ago some children had stolen a car, smashed it up, and got killed.

Today the decent people in such areas stay in doors, and pretend these things do not happen, as they fear being the next target, and having a brick thrown through a window, or worse, and having some thug set there home on fire.

And yet, rather than look after those who are decent, we will see Labour supporters and MP’s, talk non stop about those in poverty, and how they need to be given more and more cash, and how they are not responsible for what they do.

We have a truth, and a solution. It is simple. It costs not a single penny. And that is, those who are poor, should say to themselves, it is not responsible to have children if I cannot afford them. I should not ask, nor expect the state to fund a lifestyle choice. Should I want children, then I should work, or/and my partner should work.

Instead, we create poverty by paying the poor to have children. We give them a wage and provide them with a better house, as long as they keep having more and more children. If you have nothing, then your a fool these days not to have children. Even if you do not want children, it is still beneficial to have them.

It is no wonder then, when the result is we read how many children are not looked after by a parent or parents. How some will not feed their children correctly, and even go on holiday while leaving a ten year old on his or her own for a week or two while the parent(s) go on holiday.