White Lives Matter’ banner creates a problem

Cops say ‘no criminal offences’ committed as ‘White Lives Matter’ banner flown over Etihad in Man City win vs Burnley [LINK]

I have no idea if the chap who was reported to have done this banner is a racist or not, or did the banner for good or bad reasons.

It has however created an interesting statement. One could view it as a sort of art project, as it was flown at the same time (I believe) when a football team was kneeling for black lives matter.

One cannot state that to state white lives matter is raciest but at the same time stating black lives matter is political;y correct, unless you are a bit weak in the head.

The banner mocks those football players, and many other football players who are kneeling, yet one suspects are doing so because they have been told to. In the same way, people were told to put on a public display to support the Nazi party by doing the Nazi salute.

What was interesting was how those in the football world as well as the news media, had to try to claim one statement was racist (white lives matter) while at the same time claim stating black lives matter statement was not racist. Clearly they failed to and looked incredibly stupid.

In fact, so stupid did they look, that the only defense was for them to say ‘you need educating’, as apparently we are stupid and they are too wise and clever to have to explain to us the difference. In other words, they had no idea what they were driveling, because it is nonsense.

If there was any logic to stating black lives matter is different to stating white lives matter, or all lives matter, or indeed, Asian lives matter, then they would do so with ease, but rather instead they drivel so much nonsense that your stunned with the stupidity of what they say.

What becomes nonsense is the fact that black lives matter has clearly become nothing to do with race or equality, but now appears to be more about forcing extreme left wing ideology.

If anyone who is on the black lives matter protests, and believes that they are there for improving race situations, one suspects they have not bothered to even look at the black lives matter website, or listened to the black lives matter organizers, who have clearly stated they are a Marxist organisation, aimed at getting rid of the police and capitalism.

See: UK Black Lives Matter activist states they want police gone [LINK]

I hear very little about improving black lives, but instead about extreme left wing ideology.

It is interesting however from a marketing point of view that because they call this left wing organisation black lives matter, that people go along with them. If they had called themselves Communist Freedom fighters for instance, and did and say the exact same things, one suspects they would not be getting the same support. Perhaps the KKK should rename themselves ‘The Planet Matters’, as that way the news and middle classes will back them too, as clearly it is irreverent what a organisation stands for, as long as they have a nice media, left wing friendly name.

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