When adult webmaster forums run in fear of free speech

Yesterday on an adult webmaster forum (one for those who run adult/porn websites as well as used by porn models and escorts, I posted this post [LINK].

They had been posting about TV shows were banned, plus a few other threads on the topic on black lives matter.

As with many businesses today, many in adult websites are posting the usual meaningless drivel on the forums, how wee must stamp out racism and so on. Naturally we have many who run adult/porn sites see themselves as influencers and have large ego’s while at the same time forget they are there to entertain the public and fail to provide content people want to see.

So I just posted my post, and thought it may interest some.

Indeed I had many who clicked on the like button, so many did agree with me.

Then a black lady posted if it was appropriate I should post it.

My thread was then removed.

I was then sent an automated email from the forum ‘Racially insensitive thread topic has been removed’.

Is that not racist to state that you cannot talk about activities that involve the black community as they are provided a special privilege on the forum? Is that not the most insulting and patronizing thing you have heard. Would you not be offended if you are part of the black community to know you have been granted a privilege in this way?

Then I was accused of a hate crime.

I asked for evidence sand stated the post was still on my blog, so she could go look and tell me what part of the post is a hate crime.

Was the idea of me NOT wanting racism to get worse a hate crime?

Was not wanting any member of the black community hurt a hate crime?

She provided no evidence.

At this point I was banned from the forum, by being denied access to it.

I post this to show how even those who fight for free speech, see even the suggestion that the black lives matter protests could be wrong.

To me they (the forum owners as well as those who complained about me) have lost credibility. If they next ban porn, they cannot complain.

And in my post I stated that rather than make things better for race relations, this protests/riots would create division and hate when there was non.

And today we see this now starting.

Black actor Alfred Fagon’s statue damaged in Bristol [LINK]

Yet I am told I am the racist for not wanting this to happen.

What I stated would happen has started, reports on twitter are that black business are having bricks thrown through windows.

People now question if the aim of the protests were to create race wars and unrest.

By the way, the person who on the forum was claiming I was posting hate crimes, from her profile she is a white female who is in Germany. So it is nice she feels that she has to speak for the black community, one wonders if she believes the black community is not as clever as her, so she feels the need to speak for them, in the way I notice many white middle class, left wing people see the need to be both be offended on behalf of the black community, and also feel the need to speak for the black community. She also claims she will report me to the police in the UK. I feel fine with that as I am happy to go to court and defend myself. I refuse to bow down to thug mob rule.