What is the point of going to school these days?

Has school any use except to be simply a place to dump children while there parents are at work?

To start with I am dyslexic, and was bottom in my of my classes. In fact some times they had me in a separate room, where I would do some rather pointless activity that some moron had developed for those who seemed to be a bit thick.

One activity was to do a rather simple maze, where it had letters at each end. This was rather simple to do, and I found no merit in it.

Most of the time, I found I was in a class for 60 minutes, doing rather little with other students. A few, who thought they were entertaining would spend the 60 mins messing about, with the teacher telling them off. So in truth, most days were pointless.

It was only when I went to college that they found I had dyslexic.

I went on to do a degree.

I found that I was one of very few from my class who went to university. Indeed, the cleverest girl (and she was clever) in my class only went to open university. Rather than being some major success as the teachers clearly expected her to, she seems to have set up some basic child car facility.

Others in my class, ended up doing basic jobs, going to prison, or just living on benefits.

At age 4, I used to watch open university TV shows that were often if I remember correctly during the day time. I probably gained more from those shows than I ever did from school.

Of course I did learn a few things. I gained the ability to read and write (though being dyslexic my ability is still not great), and also to do maths. However by the time I was ten, if not sooner, I had gained this ability. After this, the years at school seemed to have zero value.

I was in two minds about doing the GCSE exams as they seemed a rather waste of time. The idea was if you spent a few days revising or should I say remember a few facts, and could remember them long enough to write them down at the exam, then this would prove you were intelligent or not. Being dyslexic, my memory is poor, so I did not bother to revise.

Those that failed the exams simply had the confidence knocked from them, even though they may have understood the subject far better than those who scored grade A, but simply had a better ability to remember things better, or who spent more time revising.

Often I found at university, these A grade students would struggle, because they were only good at remembering, rather than understanding the subject.

I noted too at college that if someone seemed clever, that they were graded much higher. I proved this by taking a girls paper and copied it. She received an A grade, while mine was full of errors. Yet mine was almost incidental. The answers I gave were the same.

In recent years I have wondered if I would bother with school today, as I am sure I could learn far better from simply watching youtube vids at my own pace. Indeed, I spend many hours learning from youtube, things that I never imagined I could learn, such as music, and so on.

I can see merit in paid school. One presumes it would not have morons messing about as they know there parents paid them to go. Not to mention that one presumes they would be provided with a much higher class of education.

But to me state school, is a rather waste of time. Feeding rubbish to children that exams matter and if you fail them, then your stupid. Telling children that they can be anything they want, when in reality, most will work in a supermarket, or end up on benefits, if not in prison.

If I had children, would I send them to a state school?

If I had the money, not in a million years.

If I drive past most state schools, as the teenagers walk home, I see them lighting up a cigarette, with a can of cheap larger. And it is not that uncommon to walk past them, and smell that all too familiar sent of what is often referred to as weed.

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