What is the point of giving a Covid-19 vaccination to the whole population?

Normally we only give flu vaccination to the elderly and venerable not everybody.

It seems rather odd that they are planning on giving everybody the vaccination.

It is logical to give those who are elderly with health conditions the Covid-19 vaccination as we know they are the ones who have died from the Covid-19.

The amount of healthy who have died under 70 is relatively low, in fact we may find next to know one healthy under 70 has died from it

Note: No underlying symptoms does not mean a person is healthy: Is It Not Time To Ask Questions About Coronavirus?

Is giving a Covid-19 vaccination to the whole population no more than what they seemed to do with getting people to wear masks, and that is to give people a ‘feeling’ of being safe.

From the start I have stated that I found no logic in wearing non medical grade masks in shops except to make you look like your walking around with a five year old pair of knickers on your face. I failed to see how they were any use. It has been reported in a study that they seem to have next no no use.

Masks Not Very Effective at Protecting Wearers, Says New Danish Study

New research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine finds that masks don’t appear to protect the people wearing them

And yet knowing this people still walk around in pure fear feeling something that is basically a six year old’s pair of knickers will protect them from an illness that unless they are over 80 with health problems, then they should be fine.

It does seem that the middle classes are the ones prancing around in fear, loving the lockdown, while others seem to be ignoring it and living and having parties.

So what would the point of me getting a Covid-19 vaccination, when I am healthy, probably had the virus months ago?

By the way, the Covid-19 vaccination does not mean the end of the Covid-19, in the same way we still have the flu.

What makes me feel rather uncomfortable is the fact they seem to be making everybody get it by stating, if you do not get it, then you cannot do xyz.

No vaccine, no flight says Quantas

Meanwhile we will see hundreds if not thousands of people kill themselves as they loose everything as they loose jobs and businesses.

Bonmarché falls into administration

Debenhams set to close putting 12,000 jobs at risk

Arcadia: ‘No last minute rescue’ for Topshop owner

Once we have shops shut, the rest will end up closing, as the foot fall drops. Then all the businesses connected to them close.

That’s it folks, game over.

I fail to see how things will recover, as all I can see is mass unemployment as business after business fails.

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