What a surprise, the Black Lives Matter riots have created worse race relations

‘Go back to Africa!’: ‘Racists’ are caught on camera hurling shocking abuse at Black Lives Matter protestors in angry street confrontation [LINK].

Who would have thought, vandalizing buildings, assaulting police, hurting police horses, and so on, would result in anger, hatred and division.

Are those who went on these black lives matter protests/riots, so distance from reality and so egotistical that they believed they were going to make some social change? Did they not for a moment think that demonstrating for something that did not happen in the UK and has been dealt with in the USA (the chap was arrested) and vandalizing cities was going to make people want to go up and hug them?

People are fuming.

And as I have said in other posts, the real racists would be loving these riots, as it was feeding them ammunition.

At the same time, the police, with there kneeling down, not arresting the thugs, have lost all credibility. If they arrest the men who are giving abuse, the police will be accused that it is one rule for one and not the other (feeding more hate and division), and if they do nothing, they look weak. To be perfectly honest, in this event, the police looked pointless and pathetic. It is almost pointless the police being there or at any of these demonstrations now by the looks of things. And I do not blame the police, but those who are in charge, who seem not capable of running there police force(s).

This is the problem when you operate by this left wing ideology, things turn into a mess. From the very start the police should have arrested those who where committing crimes at these protests, and automatically stopped any more protests. Why on earth protest after protest was allowed, seems to be no more than incompetent. The result of these actions is now giving the belief to these protesters and supporters that they can do what they want. The result of this is to give every ‘hate’ group the ammunition to confront these protesters.

One wonders (as I have stated before) if the real aim of these protests, is to create race wars on the streets. One wonders if we will end up with groups of people having large scale fights all over the place with people being stabbed to death.

This hatred and division could have been avoided. There was no need for a single demonstration in the UK. To be honest, there was no need for a demonstration in the USA as the policeman was arrested. Indeed there has not even been any evidence this was to do with race. Just because the criminal who was killed was black, does not mean he was killed because he was black.

The UK may not be perfect. But groups such as the BNP have long gone, or if they have not gone, the membership of such groups is probably in total no more than would fill a small bus. The UK we live in today is far more mixed. Indeed, many families are mixed race. Most people do not care if someone is black or white.

The ones who appear racist these days seem to be mainly white, left wing, middle classes, who see, to treat the black community as people they need to save and look after. Who tell the black community that they are victims, and not to try. They will give them excuses. They will feed them the belief that everybody is raciest.

And so these protests, have created hatred and division, when there was none.

Many may even get criminal records from the criminal damage they have done at the protests, if not shamed on social media. It may mean getting work, far harder. One wonders how they could think these riots could have ever improved there lives. The young lad who looked like he was trying to set light to the flag, has now had his face spread all over the internet. I can only see this bringing problems not just for him but possibly his family also.

One wonders if the black lives matter organizers will give a rats ass about those on the protest who will end up with criminal records. One wonders if it is more about an ego trip, so they can go on TV and get fame. Will they who are running black lives matter end up with criminal records, or as I suspect end up in some nice well paid job, while those who were foolish to go on these protests, will be the ones who loose out, and possibly a criminal record if not time in prison.

On one protest/riot in London, the police are getting items thrown at them. A young black girl, stands between the police and the thugs throwing items. She holds her hands up facing the thugs and looks to be pleading with them to stop. I keep wondering, if at that point she had realized that this riot was not going to be the histrionic change she was coned into believing it was, but a disaster, where the world would see lawless youths rampage over several days.

As I type this, I read over and over again, twitter posts from white middle class left wingers on how they are loving the riots. And how wonderful it is to see statues being pulled down. They have the black community doing there bidding.

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