What a surprise, a response from a left wing person is abuse

It is often the case that when you debate with someone left wing, they are too thick, and so full of abuse that the reply is often abuse or/a block.

So we have it in this case, the person, who one presumes is left wing, responds by trying to degrade my opinions by suggesting that because I shoot porn, my views are not worth anything. And why would I expect anything more, after all, time after time I find those on the left view others as below them. Indeed I am also dyslexia and born in Zambia, so his view of me is presumably I am not worth a response of decency.

I had a quick look at this chaps tweets, and he reposted a tweet (see below). It is one where some on the left are trying to shame a female, because she wore something that they believe some people are allowed to wear certain items of clothing, and they need to police people. So this person is sharing a tweet shaming a lady for wearing clothes. Should one be surprised that those on the left feel they can tell how a woman dresses.

Just to be clear from me, wear what you want, do not let anyone shame you.

In one go, the left wing believe they can shame other women, and at the same time believe they (often white middle class) have the right to be offended for a different country.

As I have stated, I was born in Zambia and I do not believe that if your not from Zambia but chose to wear traditional Zambian clothes that anybody in Zambia would be offended or even give a dam. So people do not be offended on behalf of anybody from Zambia as no one has ever asked you to be offended or protect us, as people in Zambia can think and view thoughts for themselves, even though, most left wing people seem to think everybody is far too stupid to have a thought.

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