Well I am shocked after my supermarket experience today

I went shopping as I do for a few vulnerable people.

As usual, I had to stand in a silly line, till we were allowed in. Everybody stood close together, and people walked past, so it seemed rather silly, and if anything, increased the chance of getting the virus.

As I got to almost the front, two very elderly Asian ladies stood together. They looked about 80, and seemed rather frail.

A rather fat man was letting people in. I am not sure if he was a manager or just staff.

This fat chap then told the ladies that they had to go in one at a time, rather than together.

The ladies stated they needed to support each other, and could see no reason why they could not go in together.

The fat man, refereed to them, as mate. He then started each sentence with mate.

‘Mate’, he spoke to them (with a grin on his fat face), these are the rules.

After a short debate where he talked to these elderly ladies with no respect and as if they were children, I felt enough is enough.

I am not the type to stand by when two elderly ladies are being bullied, especially as what they had said was valid.

I said to this fat chap, that the ladies are vulnerable and it made no sense to not let them in together. After all they had come together.

‘Mate’, he now called me, these are the rules.

I said ‘rules they may be, but not the law’.

I then asked him if he agreed with the rules, and he said no.

His friend came over and he started to show off, and said to his mate, he is banned (referring to me).

I was fuming.

What dreadful customer service.

I tried to phone the supermarket, but when I did it stated they were not taking calls on there automatic phone system.

Now this branch is a small one, and often from experience, supermarkets tend to put the worst managers at the small branches, and the best at the largest branches. And there is a theory of management, that they make managers who are not very good. The idea is that they tend to work harder to impress, even though the chance of promotion is small, and the most they can hope is to be moved to a larger store.

You will see this if you watch any TV shows, about shops, and often you will notice the manager is not too bright, but will run about working like crazy.

The reason I say this, is that I never expect much from small branches of supermarkets. Often they fail to understand the rules correctly, or they simply are not bright enough to understand anything.

In this situation, one would have expected the rules to have been broken for two elderly vulnerable old ladies.

I think fatty said I was banned. Not that I would go back anyway.

As for the others in the line, they stood staring, not saying a word, happy for two old ladies to be bullied, just as long as they were OK.