Coronavirus for most people will simply be annoying.

At this stage it does not seem to be a death virus, although the elderly and those with certain conditions will be more at risk, as they would if they get the flu. In China deaths seem to be from smokers, and those with lung problems.

But for most people this will be less about death, but problems about schools shutting down and having to take time off work to look after children. Businesses will be affected as less staff may be at work, and less people may go shopping.

One suspects people will simply have Coronavirus parties in order to get it early and out of the way. I suspect this is probably not the best idea, but a prediction, rather than me giving advise. Just to be clear I am NOT advising this at all.

Masks are probably in most cases no more than a comfort thing. Many will not stop the virus. Many people are probably not even going to use medical grade masks, but ones for DIY that block dust but not viruses.

At the moment, people in the UK are acting rather hysterically. So far only a few cases have been seen in the UK, yet many are acting as if the black death has ascended upon every town.

Of course, people should plan, for the worst. Such measures should be to know if you have elderly or sick living near you. As if the worst comes to the worst, it would be probably best for these vulnerable people to stay at home, and neighbors shop for them, and walk there dogs and so on, so they are least exposed. Also to keep in contact with them in case they should need to go into hospital.

Businesses should also take care. If staff can work from home, it is probably sensible to put in place the facilities to allow them to do this today, rather than the last moment. The fewer people moving about to work and home will dramatically slow the spread down.

One suspects that should this virus spread in the UK, such as children at school will spread it, in the same way, children often get every illness going, which in turn will be passed onto the parents. This seems to often be the case.