We should all have our own parade to feel special

How do you know if somone is bi sexual?

Presumably if they tell you.

In today’s world, most people do not care if someone is gay, lesbian, bi, or trans.

You do get some. These tend be be a few religious people (who often it turns out are gay, but trying to cover it up by being as anti gay as they can). Any time I hear anyone go on and on, about how being such as gay is against there religion, I often suspect they are gay, and it does turn out to be the case.

It often seems that the other people who give abuse are in fact other members of the LGBTXWZ community (I have no idea what those letters stand for to be honest). For instance, you hear Lesbian women who are against bi women or trans women.

But I would suggest the average person simply does not care if someone is gay or lesbian or whatever.

And in truth most people who are gay, lesbian, bi or whatever just get on with life.

But some people wish to feel special and different (even though they are not). And they feel they need there own pride to make sure people sees them as being different.

I have no problem with such prides (such as gay pride), as they are jolly fun and a nice day out for everyone. One suspects not everyone who is on them is gay (but pretending so they can take part). But they are not going to impact the world in any way. These days almost every business will connect themselves to such events.

The early gay prides, did have meaning. Parents of gay children would be part of these events, in a time when, people may have felt unease at saying they had gay children, in case they got attacked or abuse. Such events did have merit and importance.

But today, if a film star or music star, comes out as gay, no one cares.

It is almost fashionable to suggest you are gay, lesbian or bi. It seems most pop stars will claim to have kissed someone of the same sex, in order to get into the news.

Should one get upset about a Liam Payne (who I have never heard of) song (that chances are I will never hear). I often wonder if anyone ever even listens to the lyrics of a song (I do not think I ever have), and if they do, is anyone influenced?

If songs do have such power, then I may sing one that has lyrics ‘send me all your cash, my bank details are XXXXXX, and make me the world leader’.

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