We middle class need to save the working class

I wrote about how the left are blaming austerity for reduced life expectancy [LINK].

I went onto twitter to read the comments.

I would say that 100% of the comments saying how austerity was bad, and how they could not understand why the stupid working class voted for the Conservatives, were posted by the middle class.

By the way, I am a green voter not Conservative.

The more you read from these smug, left wing, middle class, Labour supporters, the more you notice how they view the working class, as people who they (the middle class) feel should speak for them, and that the working class are ever so stupid, and should be grateful to live on benefits.

This is no different to someone white, talking for someone who is black, because they believe the black community is not smart enough to express there views, and that they are superior to the black community. In other words, what many of these mainly white, middle class, left wing, Labour supporters are doing, is on the level of being racist.

It was worth noting how many Labor supporters, and even some MP’s, looked shock at the last election when they lost the election. Many said they could not understand why people did not want to vote in a government that would run there lives for them. Even today many Labour MP’s and supports still believe that many of us want to have others tell us what we should be doing with out lives as we are clearly far too stupid, and racist, and uneducated to possibly live lives as we wish.

As I have stated, I am a green supporter, yet, I am probably viewed as right wing by these middle class Labour supporters.

What many of these middle class Labour supporters, fail to understand, is that most people who are working class do not want to live on hand outs. They want to get on. Yet, the middle class Labour supporters insist that they know what the stupid working class person wants and needs. Yet most will never speak or know anyone working class, they get all there knowledge often from what other middle class Labour supporters on twitter, and even blocking those who are saying anything differently. They even boast about removing people from Twitter, Facebook and from stopping them talking at university, then wonder why they have never heard different viewpoints.

And yes, many will block me or call me names on Twitter, rather than bothering to even consider my viewpoints.

So they distance themselves from the working class, convinced that they are in full knowledge, and then look confused when Labour will loose election after election, from now till the end of time, yet still believing that they will win.

Just to finish, when the left talk about poverty, it is often ‘relative poverty’. I wrote about this a few weeks ago [LINK].

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