We are all black and disabled and gay and trans

In today’s world where people are no longer employed on there merits, but on the basis of if they are black, or disabled or gay or trans or whatever, may I suggest we all state we are black, disabled, gay, lesbian, trans, and so on.

The campaign to put more pounds into black-owned businesses [LINK]

If you apply for a job, state you are black, as would anyone dare to even suggest that someone white may not have some black family member.

If Meghan Markle is classed as being black, then I certainly can be as I believe I am far darker in skin tone than she is.

While one could make the argument that if you have a quota for black, or female or gay (or whatever) applicants, is racist and probably against equality employment laws in the UK. It is also extremely degrading. It is degrading for those who have not been taken on because of there own merits, and degrades those who have been taken on by there own merits as people look down upon them presuming that they were only employed to fill a quota.

If you to a business on the basis it is ‘black owned’ then you are a racist as you only view people on the color of the skin, and give no value to the real merits of the business.

It is also nonsense to aim for representation in any position such as the media, as true representation of the black community is around 3% of the UK population [LINK]. And no one is stating that once a business or media has 3% black employment, that they should take no more black people on as by doing so, they would not be represented correctly. Only a fool would employ someone because the person was black, but rather on the merits of a person. And if that means, they employ 100% black people, so what.

One has over the years noted that those who want to be given ‘special’ privileges, tend to do so as they are not particularly very skilled or competent. It reminds me of when I worked for a well known UK business many years ago, when a fat was telling people that she should have been made a manager, and would have been if she was male. I later overheard one of the managers taking about her, and the truth was, they wanted her gone as she had messed up several times and was often late.

If you want to get a job or indeed achieve anything, then go for it, and stop trying to use a race or sex card (or anything) to get the job. If you do, then you will have no pride as you will know that your got the job, not on your merits, but because of your skin color or sex (as in your privileges).

One has often observed a few UK MP’s who, will play the race card in order to get votes. They will keep telling you that they are black or female or this or that, in order to get votes. Those that do, seem to have clearly no other qualities.

But as I say, if you see a job that wants black only, or female only, or whatever only candidates, then tick that box.

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