Video shows police in Buffalo, New York, in riot gear shoving a white-haired man to the ground.

If you confront police, and get pushed back, hard luck.

If you stumble and fall, again hard luck.

The police are on high alert and in the vid clearly stated hold your position, as otherwise they may have been attacked.

I hope these police do not get into trouble for protecting themselves.

It also destroys this narrative that police only treat the black community with a heavy hand. This shows they treat everybody the same way.

A bit of advise to anyone reading this and planning on going on one of these pointless protests.

If you go face to face with the police, who are on alert, and you get hit, do not think you are a hero, and demand compensation. Those police could be out protecting people who are involved with crimes. While you are getting your silly pics for Instagram, people will be raped and all sorts of crimes committed to them. The police should be protecting them, and not having to babysit your latest Instagram photo opportunity.