Vehicle tax cannot be passed on

Yesterday I got my new driving licence in the post.

It used to be you only needed to get a new one once you hit 70 (or something like that).

In today’s modern severance society, in the UK (it feels like we are in the old USSR), we now need photo ID driving licences that you have to get a new one, every ten years.

I noticed in the envelope this bit of paper. It states that if you sell your car, the road fund licence does not transfer.

This country is getting worse each day.

It used to be if you sold your car, the road fund came with it. But I guess they want to find new ways to squeeze more money out of people.

Apparently most of the road fund licence does not go on the roads.

One wonders what they will do when cars turn electric, as they will loose millions if not billions from loss of the extra tax they place on fuel for your car or van.