UK pubs will have someone to make sure you being good and treat you as if you are two years old

I do not drink, so I will probably not go to a pub anyway.

But if I did, I do not think I would bother if your treat like a two year old.

Someone asked me to put hand gel on my hands the last time I went into the supermarket. I said ‘no thank you, as I choose not to comply with other who wish to live in a permanent state of fear’.

I will predict that if there is a pub near this Greene King pub, that simply ignores this nonsense, it will take ALL the customers away.

I have a feeling that the businesses that survive will be those that do not treat customers like two year olds, and those that fail will be the ones who do treat customers like two year olds.

To be honest, I was not treat like this at two, I had more freedom then. I could run about and be free, not told to walk around following stupid signs.

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