UK Labour will never win an election again

Labour is made up (by the MP’s and followers) with mainly (if not all) middle class people, who see the working class as stupid and racist, but at the same time they see the working class as a charity project that they need to save, as well as speak for.

At the same time, the working class, have become middle class themselves, however the bulk (if not all) are not socialists, but capitalists. By this, most (if not all) want to own there own homes and strive to achieve this, have a nice car(s), go on nice holidays and many want to run there own business.

The days when people would join a firm, lean a trade, and work there for life, is now for most long gone, along with the need for trade unions. By this, I mean, if you worked for the same firm, you had often no choice but to stay, and as such business owners could pay staff very little and treat them badly. However, today, people would simply leave the firm and wok for a different firm.

Also we now see more and more people go to university.

While we may have at one point in time, had the working class vote Labour and the middle class vote Conservatives, this ended (if this was ever the case) when Mrs Thatcher came to power and allowed people to purchase there council homes. By definition if you own your home you are middle class.

At the same time, the word processor, changed the face of work in the UK. No longer did you have typist pools, as one computer could do far more than a room full of typists, and indeed women moved into management positions.

Both men and women also set up businesses, with the confidence they could not just work for a business but in fact own it.

While Labour still got votes, one suspects that most did not vote because they were socialists, but simply, it seemed the thing you did if you were from a working class background.

In truth, one suspects that those who believe in socialism are very few in the UK. These are often well off middle class who seem to have a guilt complex. However, most of these (if not every single one) are happy to talk about there version of socialism, but never will act upon there beliefs. For example they will talk about how we should all pay more tax, while they themselves never volunteer pay any extra they will always have a weaselly excuse why they have not paid more). They will talk about the homeless, while never taking someone home and letter them stay with them.

It is reported that even Jeremy Corbyn is worth a few million, yet has he given all his money to the tax office, one suspects not.

Indeed even these so called socialist trade unions, most of the leaders of them are more than happy to take huge wages, such as Frances O’Grady who is reported to be on £175,000 [LINK]. One would have thought that her priority would be to her members of her union, and as such, take a much smaller wage in order for her members to pay smaller subs and so having more money.

The point being, is that apart from a few well off middle class, most people have no interest in socialism. Indeed, most who come from a working class background are fully aware of the harms it has done [LINK].

On Question Time this week (I think it was Question Time), someone stated that Liverpool was traditionally socialist. The belief is that because people vote Labour (or at least did vote for them) they were also socialists. This is a grave conclusion to make. Most (if not all) the people I know who have voted Labour were not socialists. They voted Labour as it was the thing to do, as socially (as in friends and family), voting Conservatives were supposed to be some form of treachery to the ‘working class’. However, this is not 1970’s, it is 2020 and far fewer people hold these dated views.

Many too know that the propaganda they are told is just propaganda. For instance, when Labour MP’s and Labour supporters talk about how everyone is in poverty, many think, hang on, I live in or near a council estate, and have never met these poor you claim that exist. Then they look int the facts and see that they are being quoted ‘relative poverty’ [LINK]. So this could mean someone on £400 a week is classed as being in poverty. Then people come to the conclusion that Labour MP’s and Labour supporters who quote this must think the general public are morons.

But then again we see Labour MP’s have no manners or respect for other people. Catherine West has clear dislike for males [LINK]. How dare any person speak this way to another person.

Many who have a working class background, when they have the money, now send there children to pay schools.

As the years pass, the traditional Labour votor, who votes Labour regardless, will become fewer and fewer, as many of these votors are now elderly, and over the years will die off.

In the end the only people who vote Labour, or at least claim to vote Labour, will be the middle class left wing minorities, and a few celebrates, who will claim to vote Labour in order to appear kind. But then again, the more we read the abuse Labour supporters vote on Twitter, and the more the left block and bully others from speaking, the more the left now seem to be the nasty group. And as such, will people wish to be associated wit such hatred?

So I say, Labour will never win an election again. The question from now on, will probably be how badly they loose. And as they seem to insist on now electing extremely left wing leaders, that appeal to only a handful of people in the UK, one suspects not only will they keep loosing elections, but they will loose heavily.

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