UK Labour potential leaders seem a bit naff

Lisa Nandy

She seems OK, but not very exciting, and not seen her smile.

Jess Phillips

Although lived by the public, probably will not be selected as she is not as left as Labour now seems to be. That said Nigel Farage was popular, but did not seem to win too much. She also plays on gender politics..

Emily Thornberry

Posted about a white van man showing a flag. It is unlikely she will appeal to the working class after that.

Rebecca Long-Bailey

She seems to simply be re-quoting Jeremy Corbyn. You may as well have Jeremy Corbyn than someone who is just going to repeat him.

Clive Lewis

Seems a nice chap, but not exciting.

Keir Starmer

Seems a nice chap, but not exciting.

Not one of them is going to win Labour a victory, and the party still seems to think left wing, socialism is what people want.

At this point, Labour seems to be over. A party for a few members who live in an echo-chamber, living in a belief that what they have on offer is what people want, and then making up excuses each time when they loose.