UK Labour does not fit into 2019

The UK Labour party is now a party aimed directly at a certain middle class, who believe that they have the responsibility to decide what the so called working class people want and need.

The majority of the working class have little interest in Labour, and the ideology of Labour. By this, I mean I have yet to hear from anyone who’s life ambition is to live in a nice new council house and want there children to have a box standard education, and have a box standard life. Most want the best or there children, and most would (one would expect) would send there children to private schools if they had the money.

This is where we see a split from reality with Labour and the supporters. These are mainly white middle class people who have decided that the working class are for too stupid to think for themselves. They have now concluded what is best and what the working class want.

While clearly it is ok for such as MP Diane Abbott to send her children to private schools, she and and her nice middle class Labour lot, feel that the rest of us should not. Instead they propose some experiment in ending private education, and we should all be subjected to the ideology of a few people. If this experiment goes wrong, well, we can presume next time it will not.

And this is the problem with socialism.

Socialism is very much an individual ideology. No one believes in the same version. For instance an artist will see socialism as a way to teach everyone how to paint/dance/sing/play an instrument and so on. They will also see socialism should pay people to be artists (even if they are not any good). The result is, while you may get a few more talented musicians, you will also end up having lots of people sat waving a twig about while screaming and claiming it as art (and lots of middle class people telling each other how marvoilose this performance is and how it is inspiring).

While for scientists, they will see socialism as a way to have millions and millions spent on research that may have no use to anyone.

And for others, socialism is more about some great experiment, where they want everyone to think and do the same things with no individualism. Indeed we see this today where universities are now banning certain people to speak. In this world, no one is allowed to think, but to simply agree with what they are told. The minority, having full power over the majority.

One thing to note is this line ‘for the many not the few’. This should scare the heck out of everyone. No party (unless raciest) should be for ‘the many’, they should be for everybody. The Nazi party I would suggest were for the many, and not the few (such as the Jews). Surly one should aim to look after the minority/few as they tend to have the least voice in society.

It would also seem Labour want to make it easier for more strikes.

We live in a much different world to say of the 1940’s.  People in most cases no longer do apprenticeships with one firm and work for them for life. In these days firms could treat staff how they wanted, as the staff had no option to stay with that firm. But those days are long gone. If you do not like the company you work for, you go work for someone else. In this way, the firms who treat staff the best, end up with people wanting to work for them, and they can get the best workers, and the firm does the best. Companies who treat staff badly, will end up with staff who hate the company and put low effort in and not care. In the end that company does badly. The market force works. N0 need for strike action.

Strike action is something from an age long ago, where people wore flat caps and cycled to work.

Strikes today are often now only done by those who can blackmail the country. Such as train strikes as they have the power to shut down towns as people can no longer get to work or home. Should a business making baked beans, have the staff go on strike, no one will care as they will simply switch to a different brand of baked beans should the stops start to run out of that brand baked beans.

But then again, if staf get more powers to strike, all that we will see is firms moving to different countries and companies will not move to the UK. So in the end all we will see is employment rising.

However Labour and the supporters have the ability to live in Lar Lar land. In Lar Lar land if you increase tax then people will want to pay it and not move to a different country. In reality people with money will just move outside the UK. And in the end you get less tax.

Then again, how many of these Labour MP’s or supporters have paid any extra tax themselves? One suspects none. They are happy to say other people should pay more, yet do they lead by example and offer to pay more (nothing stops them). Of course they will have excuses why they have not.

As for renationalising the trains. As a child in the 70’s, no one used trains. They were empty. Today Labour and supporters are moaning because the trains are packed out and claim the train firms need to be renationalised. They are packed out because these private companies have made them so much better. ut I guess once we go back to renationalising, them, and with staff presumably on strike most of the time, and the trains end up old and unpleasant, they will no longer to packed out as no one will want to use them anymore.

And yes trains are not cheap. But that is (I suspect) due to the fact that the train firms are charged millions (could be billions) by the government for the train contracts (or whatever it is). I would presume that the bulk of the ticket price is to cover that bill.

The truth is, the working class do not want box standard. They want to improve there lives. They want nice cars, nice holidays, nice houses.

They do not need nor want a bunch of well meaning middle class people (Labour) to speak for them and to say what they want and need. They are not some sort of project for the middle class to experiment with.

I do not have children. But if I did, I want them to go to a private school and get the best. I do not want them to have box standard.

I do not want a state run broadband, that has no competition from other firms, so no investment or research is done to make things better. I do not want a state run broadband where such as porn is banned and I am only allowed to access content that the state deems fit for me to view and text the state believes is correct for me to read.

And do you know what. I am not jealous or hate millionaires or indeed billionaires. And it does not matter how much Labour try to demonise millionaires or indeed billionaires (you know, the same way the Nazi part did this trick with the Jews), I will not be turned towards hate.

The sad thing is, I thought Jeremy Corbyn was going to be great. I am a vegetarian (trying to be vegan), and I do not believe in nukes. Jeremy Corbyn did seem the ideal person for me to support as he is into animal rights and I believe is vegetarian. And he is against nukes.

But to have these policies of a time past, that has never worked, scare me.

So I hope Labour does not win the election.

I guess it will depend on how many middle class people who live in Lar Lar land will vote for them.

Ironically I suspect the working class will vote for the Conservative party.

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