UK Black Lives Matter activist states they want police gone

UK Black Lives Matter activist states they want police gone.

He states that there were no violence at the protests.

He states that black on black murder in London is due to poverty. If this is the case you would see such murders in other black community areas, such as Leeds. But you do not. I am not sure if we have had a black on black murder in Leeds for years. And is London not richer than Leeds? Is it not a case these murders are about greed and selling drugs?

Perhaps you would have less crime if you gave police more money to fund arresting criminals rather than take money away, rather than as his solution is to get rid of the police. Would this not mean more crime?

When he states he would police his own community, does that mean vigilantes? Would that not mean drug dealers could be the ones to run things?

He also states all drugs should be legalized. So one wonders if the aim is to use selling drugs to fund things.

He states (as most who are on the left seem to do) to end capitalism.

He seems to suggest that Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) [LINK] is the way forward.

He states that a Russian Revolution style of election is the preferred choice (I presume that is what he is saying at about the 15 min mark).

He talks too about a revolution.

He states that there will be many more protests.

One wonders if those who go on these black lives matter protests know what the protests are for.

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