Twitter is doing its best to make sure Parler works

Twitter seems to have some belief that banning and closing accounts down is a good business model.

One wonders if soon we will see youtube vids about Twitter and how once it was huge, now has become like myspace.

It is one thing to stop people from abusing your system, but another simply because you find others on Twitter do not like there views.

It does not matter if you like such as Katie Hopkins or not. she has the right to her views. Just getting her removed will not mean your views are correct. Indeed if your thoughts are so weak, that the only thing you can do is have others removed from Twitter who do not share your views, then you clearly have no argument to make.

Over the months I have noticed how many people will say Katie Hopkins is evil and a bad person, then will call her every name under the sun. I have pointed this out to ma who do it, and they claim they are in fact good people, while doing far worse than Katie Hopkins has posted on twitter.

But now we have Parler. It seems to be a version on twitter (we have seen a few) but this site seems to be taking off and attracting many people.

Some will say that Parler is for the right wing, but logic will say that the media such as the BBC will also have to use Parler. And this will mean in the end even those on the left will have to set up accounts on Parler.

This will mean that Parler could end up more popular than Twitter.

Getting rid of your customers may be rather foolish.

Katie Hopkins I believe had 1 million followers on Twitter, so that is 1 million followers she may be taking to Katie Hopkins.

We will have to see how popular Parler becomes.

For those who wish to follow Katie Hopkins on Parler, she is at @KTHopkins with (as I post this on 24th June 2020) 95K of followers within 4 days of her joining the site.

Of course many on the extreme left were cheering that she was removed from Twitter, but now she can post with ease. And will she have those on the left post she is wrong? Well they too will have to move to Parler if they wish to challenge her views. If anything, she may become far more popular now she is on Parler, and those who had her removed from Twitter may now be the ones responsible for making her even more popular.

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