Those who virtue signal to condone the looting are no more than fools

In the USA a black man was killed by a policeman. I say killed as he (I believe) has been charged, and as such, one should not state if he has or has not committed murder for legal reasons.

I am not sure if the actions of the policemen was because the chap was black, or if he would have treated everybody in the same way.

One wonders if this had been the UK if the police would have covered this up. This was something someone pointed out today on a UK TV show.

The result of this, we see riots and looting in the USA. The killing of this chap seems to be no more than an excuse for lots of people to loot for there own gain. We see people break into shops to steal what they can. Even smash up a shop that was owned by a black man.

I am probably rather stupid, but I fail to see how looting and burning is supportive of the killing of this chap.

If the aim of these people is to be seen as criminals, and violent, and not to be trusted by being filmed and being spread all over the internet, then i guess they will have achieved there aim.

What these people are doing is wrong. No justification or reason could possibly condone these actions.

Yet we see many people including celebrities who seem to be condoning these actions. Those who condone, must be rather limited on intelligence.

One could understand real racists would encourage these actions, as this would be heaven for them. What more could they wish for than to see lots of black people acting like savages, jumping on cars, beating others up, burning buildings. After all this will feed there narrative. The worst thing any real racist would want is to see black people demonstrate with no violence.

Yet, we see the often left wing morons, condone the actions. Do they not understand that these riots will increase problems for the black community? Do they not understand that it will increase the chance of someone black being shot in the street as people will feel more in fear of the black community and as such more likely to pull out a gun and shoot them for simply being near there house.

Do they feel clever to label others as resists, when only a few years ago in the USA they voted for Barack Obama. If the USA was racists, Barack Obama would not have been voted in.

Indeed, would Sadiq Khan been voted mayor of London if the UK was racist?

Those who virtue signal seem to be doing no more than stoking up hatred by claiming the USA and UK are racist.

But what fools we see, when middle class white morons, see the need to kneel on the ground and beg for forgiveness, in the believe they are representing all white people, and that they are some sort of Jesus, asking for the sins of others to be cleared. These people are the true racists, who believe that others are scum and racists. Many seem to be middle class, and seem to act as if they have to seek forgiveness for the working class, who they view as scum, to them and believe them all to be racists.

To those who virtue signal, with your fake crying, as you think this will make you look ever so clever and ever so much nicer than others. Simply put, you look rather stupid.

One wonders if these people will seen condone the riots, if they turn up and burn there houses down. As most will live miles away from any riots, nice and safe in there homes. They can smugly tell the world that they condone the riots, and how they feel support for these people.

For anyone with any slight intelligence, knows that those who riot and loot, do so for themselves. They care not a bit about this chaps death. They are simply aiming to get what they can. They do not care about the lives of others. They do not care that they are destroying peoples lives, some who will be black. For them, this is a giggle, a bit of fun, a fake pretense that they are doing some good.

These riots and looting, will not do anything except to divide communities.

In the UK, we are told that there are going to be protests on Saturday. Will these turn to violence? Will those who go, even give a single care about the death of the chap, or will it be no more than an excuse to go looting?

And yet, all these who virtue signal in the UK about a man in the USA, none seemed to give a single care about those girls, or should I say children, who were abused by gangs in the UK. Why did we not see people protest at how the police failed these girls? Could it be, because these girls were white working class, and to the middle class virtue signals, such girls were deemed to be scum and not worth anything.

The more I listen to the left wing, virtue signal, middle classes, the more I see that it is them who are the racists. They view themselves as better than the rest. They view the working class as stupid and raciest, and worthless.

We should all say that the riots and looting is wrong, and that means with no excuses added on.

If those who riot jump on cars, then they should not complain if they get run over by the drivers who are in fear of there lives.

Those who support or excuse the riots and looting in any way, are part of the problem, and not the solution. They may think condoning such riots and looting makes them look smart, but it makes them look stupid and weak.

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