Those who claim to be anti racists have become worse than racists

Today we see a new type of racists. Not someone who views people on the color of there skin, but on the basis they do not comply with there personal ideology.

See also: Pulling the slave trader statue torn down in Bristol was wrong [LINK].

And directly out of the Nazi handbook, they force people to kneel in front of them, as the Nazis did almost one hundred years ago when they made Jews do the same thing [LINK].

We see now daily these modern day Nazis, hunting people down, who have not bent over to there will, and will create full campaigns to destroy there lives. They will contact the persons work, and force them to be sacked, and often force the firm to write a letter stating how that firm complies with the new Nazi ideology.

Everything becomes racist. Books, statues, street names, all in this new modern Nazi world need to be censored or removed.

The freedom to think and to speak has long gone, in both the USA and UK. For, even those who claim to believe in free speech, will still make sure they are using the correct terminology.

Those who dare mock the Nazi ideology, and act in a way that may offend the Nazi ideology are quickly wounded up and arrested.

A man who wore black makeup was arrested [LINK]. This should make you think. How does this make you feel? Has the modern Nazi ideology made you now think this is racist, or no more than someone mocking the nonsense? Do you feel this is offensive? Do you feel you need to be offended by it?

For those who claim this is offensive, then you should feel just as offended by Eddie Murphy white he plays a white person in his films. And no one is going to be offended by him doing so, as he is great doing it.

Will you now tell me that I am stupid and there are differences, and drivel out some nonsense reasoning. If so, your a racist if you believe it is fine for one person to do something and not another on the basis of there skin.

In this modern day which hunt, from these modern day Nazis, people are forced to constantly defend themselves. They are made to inform the world that they are not racists, to the mob.

The mob will claim they are good people, and kind, and decent, while at the same time getting huge enjoyment from watching there victims ripped apart, in public. Then they move onto the next victim.

These are often the same people who will tell you bulling is wrong, and how we need to not say nasty words as it will hurt people, yet will themselves enjoy bulling anyone who fails to comply with this modern day Nazi ideology.

In the UK, we see Labour MP’s almost encourage this new modern Nazi ideology, to the extent of even praising the vandalism of statues. We see little if no condemnation from Labour MP’s. Do they believe this will win them votes to back these thugs? Even the BBC news now seems scared to say the protests were violent, even though most people have seen the vids online [LINK].

What we are seeing is a destruction of race relations. Non of what is happening at the moment will bring people together, but generate real anger. People are now angry at seeing there cites being wrecked by mob rule. They are disgusted to see police fall to the floor, in case they upset a bunch of criminal thugs.

And let us not pretend that the black community fully supports this. Many are angry, and do not support these actions. Many do not want to be seen as victims. So do not pretend that when you spray paint buildings you are doing it for some great good, your doing it for yourself. It means you believe your more important that anyone else. It means you see others as stupid and you have more rights than them, you know, as racists think.

To finish, I will leave you with this thought. I read a post on twitter, from a black lady. She said that, she would not take part in this nonsense. She sees a lot of it being run by white middle classes. Many she noted were the ones telling others about black lives matter. She noted they were left wing. She said, I will not be a puppet to these white middle classes, slavery ended years ago and I will not voluntary become one of there toys.

Next time you see a white middle class left wing person, such as a Labour MP, telling us how they support seeing statues being pulled down. Ask yourself (especially if you are black and involved with these protests), are you being taken for a mug? Are you doing the bidding for these left wing white people who want this as an opportunity to bring in a Labour government. when you have a criminal record and no job prospects from being convicted of criminal damage, and these nice middle class white MP’s are getting paid thousands, will you feel stupid to have been taken in by this drivel.

Stop being a victim.

Life is not fair.

You can live your life believing your a victim, and go no place, or you can stop being a victim, stop finding excuses, stop blaming others, stop wasting your time trying to find fault with other people, stop trying to be offended at everything, and go out and be the person you want to be.

And as for these modern day Nazis, they can can tell us they are anti fascists all they want. They can claim to be good and caring people. But that does not mean they are. I can say I am a small round blob living on Mars, but it does not mean I am. These people are the problem. These people who are whipping up hate and division and fear, are the real enemy. These are the people who have turned us against each other.