This is why Labour will not win the next election

Take a look at any Labours MP’s tweets, and you will see opportunist and virtue signaling tweets.

Why is a UK MP such as Jeremy Corbyn telling us to kneel down for George Floyd (American) instead of looking after those in the UK?

Why is Jeremy Corbyn not telling people to not protest while we have this lock down? I guess he no longer cares about the NHS.

If ANY Labour MP does not condemn these protests, after telling us all to stay in lockdown, and how it was to save the NHS, then they are hypocrites who will say anything to get votes.

And all over the the Twitter world I am seeing even Labour supporters waking up and pointing out that they feel stupid. They feel these MP’s have let the NHS down. They feel these MP’s do not care about the NHS.

Are you fuming folks? I am. I am fuming that so many people have lost jobs with this lock down, only to find that if you want to go out in a group of thousands you can.

And those left wing mini Hitlers who have for weeks been moaning about others going for a walk for more than five mins, must feel like fools right now.

Labour MP’s are now so far distance from the people they claim to represent that they do not understand that most people (black and white) do not support these protests, as they do not see them doing any good. They see these protests/riots as no more than a bunch of thugs vandalizing the streets and assaulting police, and police horses. Then they see Labour MP’s sickeningly praising these thugs as if they are doing good.

Just to be clear, I will not kneel to no one. You will have to put a bullet in my head before I kneel. How dare you Mr Jeremy Corbyn and others encourage the population of the UK to be so weak to kneel. Even worse you want us to kneel down to thugs who are damaging buildings, assaulting the police, hurting police-horses. You dare want me to kneel to those thugs. No sir.

But Mr Jeremy Corbyn and others. We want to see you condemn these thugs. Any MP who is more interested virtue signaling than telling these thugs they are wrong, will never represent me.

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