This is the problem when you condone vandalism

Black actor Alfred Fagon’s statue damaged in Bristol [LINK].

The act of vandalizing this statue is disgusting, but so is vandalism of all statues [LINK].

I notice now on Twitter, those who thought vandalism one statue as nothing but a bit of fun are (rightly) saying this vandalism is wrong.

But what validity have they now for condemnation?

For days they claimed mob rule was fine and damaging statues hurt no one.

Can they say this now?

How can police arrest someone for this, if they do not arrest others for doing the same thing?

All those UK politicians who often seem to be from Labour who seemed to give backing for the fist statue to be removed, have no credibility now. Are they not now responsible in some ways?

This is the problem when you tell people that, it is fine for you to do something, because we think your on the left, and we will provide lots of excuses, is that when others do the same thing, you have no validity any more.

So now we end up with this mess.

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