The shows no support for women

The a online Labour supporting left wing media thing demonstrates how it does not support women, even when they are Labour.

The left will keep telling you how it is supportive of women, even though Labour has never had a female leader.

So should it be a surprise that they attack a woman online, even though she is a Labour MP.

Lisa Nandy is probably the best of the three candidates running for the Labour leadership, and the one who would probably be liked most by the public.

However seems to want the most left wing candidate, as they, like many Labour supporters, seem to live in lar lar land and belive that people want a extremely left wing party, even though in the last election, such a party was rejected. But I guess they must think, just keep putting an extreme left wing party to the people and in the next 10,000 they may get voted in.

You would have thought that this online media thing would support female candidates, but instead runs a rather vile campaign against Lisa Nandy.

So what reasons do they give?

  • Her dad was reported to say he thought she was right wing?

So her dad may or may not have said it. He may have said it jokingly. She is in Labour so she cannot be that right ring.

When the left claim they are supportive of women, I often smile, as I know they write rubbish such as this, and I smile even more when I see the vile Labour supporters posting a link on twitter with a ink to the article, demonstrating how disgusting they are.