Today many (one suspects those on the left) are posting on twitter #dontbuythesun.

The left have the belief that a newspaper should only exist is it only publishes left wing propaganda and does not question anything about Labour.

I am no more a fan of the Sun than any other newspaper. I will often look at most each day when I can.

I will give praise to news stories, as well as point out mistakes on all news publishing’s.

For instance I will always say that the newspaper that seem to cover more animal rights stores than any other, is the Daily Mail. For anyone on the left who wants to shut the paper down, could be condemning many animals to suffering as the abuse is not exposed as well as the Daily Mail exposes them.

Indeed I often hope that many animals have been saved as the Daily Mail has informed the world.

Over the years the Daily Mail has condemned the cruel way animals such as dogs have been killed and eaten in such places as China. Indeed, if, more had seen these stores, perhaps (most probably) we would not have the Coronavirus problem we have today, and all those who have died, may not have died, and all those who will loose there jobs, houses and businesses may not have needed to.

But this is more about the issue of censorship.

Those on the left seem to feel that if you can ‘feed’ the public with only one view and black all others, then this will mean people will vote Labour.

We seem to no longer have the ability to debate, only sensor those who we disagree with. If we cannot censer them, we call them names. We adopt mob mentality. We say we are the majority, and as the majority we must be correct and have no need to produce evidence.

Some say do not but the Sun because of Hillsborough and the incorrect story it published in 1989. But that was about 30 years ago, and one presumes many of those working for the Sun back then no longer do. It is a bit like saying do not go to Italy because the Romans invaded the UK many years ago.

No one is saying you should read the Sun or indeed any newspaper. But you have no right to stop others from reading the Sun or indeed any other newspaper by shutting it down.

Indeed the smug arrogance of those (often middle class) on the left, was a reason who most people (especially the working class) moved away from Labour to vote for the Conservative party.

And yet rather than learning from this, the left wing, middle class, carry on being smug and arrogant, in the belief that they are so important that we stupid people will obey them.