The stockpiling situation is not going to be a problem

Many people in the UK are dashing out to stockpile. Ironically many of these people are the ones who mock preppers.

But the truth is, this will not be a problem as the Coronavirus is still at the very early stages in the UK. If the virus does take hold, the shops will be full of stock again, as most people who plan to stockpile, will have done so.

In truth, we are not at war with zombies, and stockpiling is rather silly. If anything you may be more at risk from someone breaking in to steal your stockpile.

Coronavirus seems at this stage to not be a threat to most people. It is the elderly or those with health problems who are at any risk.

I have stated I expect people to have parties in order to get the virus out of the way [LINK].

What people should do is see if they have elderly or sick living near them, as they may need to shop for them, in order for the elderly to have reduced contact. Also it may be worth offering to walk there dogs for them, and take the dogs and cats in to look after them should the owners become sick or need to go to hospital.

If you have pets, it may be worth finding someone who will look after them if you are sick or need to go onto hospital for a few days till you are well.

It could be the case that the Coronavirus does not spread that quick, as the weather in the UK is now warming up. One may have found it spread far worse if this had started in October.

One also wonders if people are indeed stockpiling, as I went to the supermarket yesterday, and the shelves were full and no one seemed to be buying extra.

It may be worth the elderly and those who have health problems to have more shopping, in order to reduce themselves with contact with people.

However, as I type this, I believe the number of cases is 116 in the UK. These numbers are in truth next to nothing, with many simply from people coming back from other countries. The fact that the first case in the UK was several days ago, the virus does not at this point to be spreading at all.

It is probable that the method of separating those who may have it, seems to at this stage be working.

One wonders if in six months we will find this has been a lot of fuss about nothing.

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