I will never understand why wealthy middle class believe the a minimum wage helps people.

The result of a minimum wage is that shops put up costs to cover salaries, and so such as the unemployed and low waged elderly find such as food more expensive.

Many shops and businesses now rather than employ people, simply have automation. In other words, the minimum wage means firms are not employing people, and so you ave more unemployed.

Landlords put up rent in order to scrape of the extra money workers get.

Often firms will get staff to work extra unpaid. For instance call center workers are expected to log in up to an hour before they start, and are expected to stay talking to people even if there shift has ended for no extra wage.

One business I know of, simply has staff work more hours than they pay them. They are friends and have chosen to do this in order to make the business survive.

We have had the minimum wage now in the UK for several years, and I have only seen people become worse off.

But what do MP’s see as the solution? It is to put the minimum wage up more and more.

It is little wonder that firms now do as much outside the UK as they can, in order to reduce costs.

But the middle class will still live in lar lar land and argue that people should be paid huge wages, as in there minds, all businesses are cash rich.