The media and middle classes need to remember that ‘Black Lives Matter’ is only a representation of some of the black comunity

The media and the middle classes seem to be backing ‘Black Lives Matter’on the basis that this group is a complete representation of the black community. Clearly they are not, and the fact the main media and so many while middle class people are supporting ‘Black Lives Matter’ simply shows they are themselves racist, in the same way you would say all black people like chicken.

Over the last few weeks, I have heard many people in the black community state that ‘Black Lives Matter’ does not represent them.

This week Piers Morgan seemed to believe that all black people have the same beliefs, when he interviewed Dizzee Rascal [LINK]. This was yet another example of the white middle classes who believe they are politically correct, showing that deep down they view others as groups rather than individuals and cannot understand that there rather weak attempt at being WOKE is no more than ridiculous, when they try to make out they are the voice of the correct.

But when Morgan asked Dizzee what the Black Lives Matter movement means, he replied: “What makes you think I know?” Piers replied, “I don’t know, because you’re a Black man,” prompting Dizzee to respond: “But am I the Black spokesperson?” The rapper went on to say he had “a bunch of views, but it’s early”.


The media, such as the BBC now seems to be taking a one sided view of a political group, by promoting them and not challenging the views in any way.

This seems to be far from the position of not being biased when reporting politics. Indeed up to now, most (if not all) political parties have been challenged on there views. Many may claim they are still biased towards a particular party, but at least one could at least claim they have challenged all parties.

Yet for some reason, black lives matter, a clearly politically motivated organisation has gone without many media challenging or questioning the beliefs, even though they are clearly stated on there website and has the leaders/organizers of this group state on the radio there aims and objectives.

It seems rather odd that such as the BBC would back an organisation that is wanting to get rid of the police, making the UK clearly unsafe. And at the same time, people will go to prison, if they do not pay the TV tax, and so they are forced to fund the BBC who are clearly promoting an organisation to end the police. In other words, people are being forced to fund the promotion of a political view they may not agree with.