The left wing seem to be very violent

The left wing seem to be very violent

Before I start, I will point out I am not a Conservative, and if I did vote it would be for the green party. I feel the need to state this at the start as I often get accused of being a right wing conservative, by those on the left as a way to dismiss my points.

SHOWDOWN: Rebel News takes on Antifa mob, mall cops — and politically correct police [LINK].

The left wing time after time both in the UK and USA and indeed other countries are shown to be thugs, using violence and abuse on those who they deem less worthy than themselves.

Yet they claim to be the ‘nice’ people who are fighting this invisible fascist group, who do not seem to exist. They do exist, but these fascist groups are those on the left who believe in removing history, getting rid of statues, editing books, banning people from speaking, in the same way the Nazi ideology did. They even wear black as the Nazi youth did.

Let us not forget that Nazi is indeed short for National Socialism party. The ‘Socialism’ in the name sort of gives it away they were socialists or left wing.

Of course those of the extreme left will pretend that they are different. When they assault people, wear outfits to intimidate, threaten people, stop them having a voice, getting films banned and so on, they are doing it for different reasons to that of the Nazi party of Germany.

Fascism and those who claim to be into Marxism such as Antifa seem to have very little in difference to each other. Indeed only in the last few days has Black Lives Matter been accused of being anti-Semitism.

Black Lives Matter is accused of anti-Semitism after posting photo of mural featuring Jewish stereotypes on Facebook advertising protest march in Oxford [LINK].

Clearly those who are left wing believe that violence is acceptable because they view themselves as being correct. One suspects that those who followed the Nazi ideology would have also believed they were on the side of right, and correct. One should observe those on the left as an interest in a sociological and physiological study. I find as an observer of these people how they are following a Nazi ideology, and yet view themselves as far from the Nazi ideology.

In the video I posted we see these left wing people openly segregate a community. They take over a public area and allow only those they see worthy of entering. Note too how they are extremely angry all the time. If someone acted this way alone, they probably would be sectioned, however in this large group, there actions are viewed as normal.

While being a vegetarian (trying to go vegan) into green issues, it is probable to consider myself a bit left. I am finding the behavior of these thugs disgusting. It will be little wonder that they will be the ones who gets Trump in the USA re-elected with ease and in the UK keep the Conservatives in power for years to come. As if I find these on the left with disgust, I am sure the majority of the public in both USA and UK who tend not to be as left as me, will certainly be disgusted.

I myself have experience with some interest abuse from the left. I have covered many naked bike ride events in the UK. I have been asked to by many riders, who tend to go on these rides for fun. However because some who run these events are left wing, they believe they are all power. A few years ago one of the organizers came up to me and told me he had been looking me up on the internet. He took my pic and sent it to others. He told me not to take pics and vids of the event. A few weeks later three of the event organizers even came up to me and threatened me with assault. However, I am free to take pics and vids in public, and I will carry on doing so. And I have carried on. They are angry now as many of the riders are asking me to film them. And although the organizers think they are important, I view them as complete twits and will take no notice of them.

I did wonder if the organizers were looking up my details, were they also looking up the details of other riders, as one presumes that could put such as the female riders at risk. However it must be noted that this was the UK naked bike ride events, so please do not think that those events in other countries are run by such people.

In truth, over and over, I find those on the left, believe in nothing but violence and intimidation.

The interesting thing was how Chop or Chaz, turned into a mess. This was the chance for the left to prove that they are correct. What they turned into was a disaster. Yet they are still claiming that this left wing ideology is the way to go. While when given the chance, proved the left wing system can not work, even when the population is left wing. Indeed they have no excuse why it failed as they were running things 100%.

The odd thing, is this was about black lives matter, yet in CHAZ it is reported black people were murdered and assaulted by the people of CHAZ. One wonders if more black lives were lost in CHAZ than in the whole of the USA by the USA police in the last few years. One suspects that if your black in the USA, you are much safer with the USA police than you are in the country of CHAZ.

And where were the UK and USA left wing politicians who believe in this left wing ideology How many went to CHAZ to give a speech and make sure the new area works? From what I see, none did. They were happy to make speeches supporting such events, but clearly too scared for there safety to go enter what should have been heaven for them.

Just to be clear, if you believe in violence, threats, shutting people down, vandalizing statues, getting books and films banned, and so on. You are not in the right. Your not the good person you think you are. Your on the wrong side. Just because your middle class and educated, does not mean your correct. If you have to hide behind a umbrella and refuse to answer questions put to you, it means you have no answers.

If someone asks you a question, and you become abusive, shout, make a noise, try to black a camera, your a fool and you need to go home as you clearly have no idea why you are even protesting. All you do is look rather thick.

Being angry, swearing, acting like you have mental health problems is not a way to debate. If you do this, you have lost the debate.

If you can debate and put your views across with evidence, then you may win me over. Even if I do not agree with you, I will think about your points you make.

But if you shout and push people away, you clearly have no points to make, and will do no more than push people away from your beliefs.

People should never feel in fear, to go to a protest and ask people questions. Those who act with intimidation are doing no more than being Nazis under a different name/brand.