The left said the lock down before the economy

For weeks now, the left wanted everybody at home because they claimed we were all going to die from this virus, even though the evidence seems to have always been that unless your over 80 with health problems, then getting this virus would be no more deadly than getting a cold.

Of course one suspects lives for them were of no importance, but the hope the economy would crash, in the hope this would result in a left wing government being voted in. Presumably they thought, this would get more votes for Labour.

The result of the lock down may produce far more deaths from the fact many will not have got hospital car, and operations canceled, not to mention people killing themselves as there businesses flop.

Rashford seeks more change after food voucher win [LINK]

As people loose jobs they end up more dependent on benefits. This as I have pointed out in other posts means people end up having no option to vote Labour as they vote to keep benefits, even if they do not agree with Labour on anything Labour stands for.

So while the left told us the lock down would save lives, we will see the lock down result in more poverty and as such this will go onto an increase in ill heath and depression.

One wonders how many families in fact need the free food vouchers. While some families will, many of the 1.3 million children it is reported will be getting these vouchers, one wonders how many are in such need. One wonders how many of the families are also paying for TV stations, top of the range mobile phones, new cars, alcohol, cigarettes, and so on.

The real winners from benefits are not the poor, but the left wing, middle class MP’s (who will claim to be working class) who care nothing of the people, but of there votes. The more people fall into the benefits system, the more they will vote for such as Labour.

I am not a Conservative by the way (if I voted it would be for the Green party). In fact I should be the ideal Labour voter, as if you read my blog posts, you may conclude that if anything, I am a bit left. But I could never back Labour, as all I see is a party that lives of the misery of the poor in order to get votes.

Labour used to claim it was the nice party full of nice supporters and it was the Conservatives who were bad. They seem now to have accepted that the left is full of hate and the supporters do not even bother to hide the fact, and will daily post abuse to anyone (on such as Twitter) who posts anything that is not left wing. And do the Labour MP’s say such abuse is wrong? Rather than say it is wrong, some seem to join in with the abuse as they are nothing but cowards who will do anything for votes.

Many on the left believe that they are the majority, not realizing that they believe this, simply because they block or manage to remove those they disagree with, and end up listening to themselves. In truth there views are not the representation of the country, and we see this when they keep loosing elections dramatically.

If Labour wanted to have helped the poor, they could have when they were in power. But if they lifted people out of poverty, they would loose votes as less people would need to vote for them, if less people are on benefits. So when in power they simply do the minimum to give the impression they are helping. Rather than build nice houses, they build ugly cheap houses for the poor, creating housing estates designed to be a clear divide of those with and without money, in order to create division. They will create benefits in such a way, that people wont want to come off them, as work will not ever pay as well (because they know with no experience getting a well paid job is almost impossible).

The result is often a life on benefits, with children of these families also seeing benefits as a way of life. Many end up suffering from depression and ill health and the result is self medication on alcohol and drugs, making staying on benefits not an option but a reality. The result is, people have no option to vote Labour in order to get more benefits.

At the same time, the left wing middle classes, enjoy the feeling of being smug, by seeing themselves as helping the poor. any form of charity by the left wing middle class makes them feel good. It makes them see themselves as saints. While they often do more harm than good to the poor, they live off the good feelings they get from having others see them do good and be told how wonderful they are. It is for me a matter of amusement how people who do these charity things, seem to have no option to tell others. The best one was the chap who once owned a mobile phone chain of shops and sol;d it for a fortune, goes on TV telling us how he purchased a huge house in London, and how it is for his charity as he needs it to raise money. Yet he could just give the millions away right now he has, but if he did, he could no longer be seen in public to do charity.

Labour has become no more than a middle class left wing party. made up of some who enjoy seeing the poor as a charity event to make themselves feel rather smug and important. With others being left wing middle class bored youngsters (often who were bullied at school and have a lack of social skills) who believe that we should be Communist, and to put to death all who disagrees with them, as long as they can still keep there homes and possessions, while anyone richer than them should loose everything.

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