The left now fight the left

Over the last few years, the left have developed a method of simply being abusive and blocking/banning people they disagree with.

In other words, rather than debate, they dismiss.

They presumed this would win people over. The presumption being that if you insult or block them or disregard there views, they will want to vote Labour.

Oddly, being told your scum, did not win voters to Labour.

However, the situation now is that two traditionally left sides, that being trans and feminists, now seem to be treating each other with the same tactics.

Rather than debate and find a solution that works, both sides are now simply insulting each other.

The trans side have ended up stating things that many in the trans community, consider silly. Such as if a heavyweight boxer stated he is a she, that he could then box women.

But on the other side, the feminists start stating things such as all trans people are no more than perverts.

Both sides ed up looking both unpleasant and rather foolish, and achieve very little.

Both sides have valid points, and this needs a real debate, rather than calling each side names.

One thing that this has exposed is how unpleasant people on the left are.

The idea that those on the left are the nice people, clearly now sounds rather silly.

And as I always point out, I am no Conservative, as if I could be bothered to vote, I would vote for the Green party (due to the Green policies and not the silly left wing rubbish policies they have).