The left need to stop trying to score points all the time

A Conservative MP, who as I presume all MP’s are at the moment, under great stress, told someone on twitter to ‘get a life’.

Of course, as they always do, the left jump up and down trying to score some points.

Normally these left wing twits are just talking to themselves in there echo chamber of abuse. The most they achieve is to make the left look like abusive thugs, and makes people not want to vote Labour as most people do not wish to be associated with these thugs.

But with the Coronavirus pandemic on, they need to stop these silly games and start backing MP’s and the government.

Look folks, we do not need your rubbish at the moment. This country, and indeed all countries need to pull together.

Pathetic point scoring at this time is not helpful.

We all need to pull together.

You need to grow up, and stop sitting on Twitter posting your left wing abuse, and do something to help your country in time of need.

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