The left are now fed up of woke and censorship

It is also worth noting that (I may be wrong about this) under Tony Blair (Labour), we had the ‘section 44 terrorism act stop and search’ in 2000. I belive this law has been repealed.

The idea was to give police powers to search people at such as a demonstration.

I was at a demonstration at Drak protestation many years ago [LINK]. I went to photograph the event, where I was searched, my car searched, and I was arrested. I was told under whatever law it was, I would would be arrested for taking pics at the event. Many hours later when I was finally released (they put my dog in a cage for hours too, so he will have suffered) I found the TV stations had arrived to film the vent. I noticed the police did not arrest them.

This is the fundamental problem when it comes to this type of censorship/free speech. People only get upset when they find they are censored, but often feel it is acceptable if others are censored.

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