For days the left have been doing the kneel and posting about the death of George Floyd and treating him as a saint. A convicted criminal, who put a gun (I have said knife before but I think it looks to have been a gun) to a pregnant black woman.

Of course his death was wrong, but so too was the lack of courage from people to say he was a criminal who put a black pregnant life in danger. It seemed to if anything, condone what this man did.

Today we have JK Rowling: Sun newspaper criticised by abuse charities for article on ex-husband [LINK].

And any assault on a person, male or female is wrong, indeed any threat to another person is wrong.

But what credibility do you have now if you condemn this chap, while going along with turning the other chap into a saint?

You clearly have lost credibility, and seem to be doing no more than jumping on whatever virtues news you can for today.


The left a few days ago: We hate JK Rowling for having a view, she is a [insert a swear word of choice].

The left today: JK Rowling is brave and we stand by her.