The end of WOKE

WOKE, for those who do not know, is basically where people who are lacking much intelligence, and wish to feel important, have a little stop and claim this or that is sexist, and/or racist.

Often these people are left wing and middle class, who wish to seem important on social media, and crave being told how wonderful they are.

Often these are the types who go around virtue signaling.

Anyone who disagrees with them, often face a huge amount of abuse and threats on social media, and may even find that they are tracked down to work in order to get them fired.

This demonstrates the kindness of the left, proving time after time that they are no more than bullies. They are in fact the ones who are in the wrong.

For a while now, it would seem TV firms and Film firms have got cold feet to these people, and simply bowed down to them. The result is, films people do not watch and TV stations, people are moving away from.

The BBC in the UK, has found people no longer watching the stations. Gone or its glory days of making TV shows people wanted to watch, instead bland drivel that interests only a few. One wonders how long it is, before the tax on people ends, when it is for something they no longer watch. How anyone can justify forcing people to give you cash for something they do not want, or face prison, sounds like something from the middle ages.

The film industry has also been infected by this WOKE drivel. The news that a new Ghostbusters film excited me. I did not care it was all female. But what they came up with was an insult. It was no more that a WOKE tick box film.

Then we had the new Star Wars films. I watched the first new one, and to be honest (I am the biggest Star Wars fan too), I do not think I will bother with the rest. In fact I nearly fell asleep watching it. So when they announced other Star Wars films, I have not even bothered to look at the trailers.

So when I heard about ‘The Mandalorian’, I was not interested.

So I watched the first few shows, expecting it to be trash.

But guess what.

It is great.

I mean fantastic.

Some claim this to be the best TV show for many years.

I would say, it may even be better than the first three Star Wars original films.

But the best thing is, the WOKE lot hate it.

Now I read this show got tem million views so far.

I was reading some WOKE person, moaned that it did not have enough females in it or something, and that it should be banned. It is not WOKE, yet is is very popular.

One wonders if someone at Disney has realised that WOKE films and TV is loosing them a LOT of money. And let the other TV and film firms keep making WOKE rubbish, as viewers will start going to Disney.

I will always say it. TV and films is where we go for entertainment, and NOTY some political education.

WOKE TV and films do not sell. No one wants to see it. One suspects those who follow the WOKE religion, do not watch the films or TV shows, for entertainment. But watch to see if they tick box everything.

It will be interesting, if other TV stations and film makers, now, simply ignore these minority of people, and start making TV shows and films for the people who will go pay to see them.

On a side note, I tend to walk the dogs listening to Radio 4 comedy shows. Now they have probably been a bit left wing for a wile. I have noticed that in the last few years, they seem to have switched from comedy, to simply political lectures. Most obvious is Mark Steel (a middle class chap who seems to think he is working class), going around the UK talking to other middle class people (who think they are working class). Often talking about the pits and how us working class people are happy down the pits being killed, and how cruel Conservatives stopped that and now everyone lives longer and healthy lives, doing middle class jobs, and how that is wrong, and we need a socialist government to make us worse off again, as us working class are much happier when we live on jam and bread in the pits.

And no I am not a Conservative. If I voted, it would be the Green party. So if someone like me who is a bit of a hippy, is fed up with WOKE, I suspect it means the average person must be.