The Coronavirus panic seems to be doing more harm than the Coronavirus itself

As I type this on 12 March 2020, the BBC reports that ONLY 8 people have died and 460 people have been infected [LINK].

Yet the fear and panic seems to be doing far more harm than the Coronavirus.

Having schools shut seems rather silly when children will be least affected (we are told).

While keeping people at home may stop the spread, at some point people will have to start moving about, and the Coronavirus may spread again.

Italy we are told has a bad case of the Coronavirus. However, they may find that because many people have it, that they act as a ‘firebreak’, in the same way you may have a controlled fire to prevent the spread of a forest fire.

One wonders, if this is the way people act, when we are faced with something that may not even be as deadly as the flu, something that kills 56 thousand each year [LINK], one wonders how long society would last in a real emergency.

The result of all this panic, may mean businesses going bust, and the result of that will be job losses and more businesses going bust. And so we may from that expect to see high crime as people steal to live.

In the short term we may find chemists getting short of supplies, putting peoples lives at risk who need medical care to live.

What we are seeing, is the same people who have for years been going on about being kind to each other, and to be politically correct, and so on, are now the ones who, are now being the ones who are ‘in it for themselves’ and who are stock-pilling, and sod everybody else.

It is rather interesting to see how in such a mild crises, how this is bringing the worst out in people.

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